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NXT Venice, FL, live results: Finn Balor teams up with the Hype Bros

Hype Bros & Finn Balor

Submitted by Louis Izzo

- Josh Woods def. Alexander Wolfe

OK opener. Wolfe didn't do much besides a basic assortment of strikes of chinlocks, but it looked good. Woods got a decent pop for being from Florida.

- King Constantine def. Blake (w/Murphy)

Comedy squash with comedy provided mostly from B&M. Blake had Murphy with him, no Alexa Bliss. Constantine dominated, no-selling most of the way, and finished with a chokeslam into a back breaker.

- Patrick Clark & Kenneth Crawford vs. Dhinsa and Selmani

Sorry for not having names, but the female ring announcer butchered them all and I don't recognize any of them from TV. Hopefully another report will help identify them.

- Alex Riley defeated Elias Sampson with a roll up

Sampson ran down the local crowd to draw heat, but the fans that reacted were still 50/50 on him. Not much to this, with lots of resting. Faces for the night are batting 4 for 4.

- Carmella defeated Emma in an OK match

Carmella's ring entrance and mic skills are great, but her offense is terrible, especially the punches. Emma worked the crowd a lot by doing lots of hair pulls.

- Apollo Crews pinned Riddick Moss

Another average match. Moss spent most of the match bickering with the crowd and doing this goofy power walk. Crews won with his signature power bomb.

- Asuka defeated Billy Kay

Physical match. Nothing great, but Asuka's strikes looked good, and BK had some decent, if unspectacular, offense.

- NXT Champion Finn Balor and the Hype Bros def. The Vaudevillains and Tye Dillinger

First few minutes was Mojo running around crazy, and then each face took turns beating down the heels. Zack Ryder played the face-in-peril before making the hot tag to Balor, and after a hot sequence with Riley and Mojo hitting their signature spots, he finished Tye with the 1916. Really good match to end the show. 

- promoted Samoa Joe, Baron Corbin, Bayley, Enzo and Cass, and all of them were nowhere to be seen tonight. The only advertised names that appeared were Balor, Crews, and Carmella.