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NXT: Who to watch in 2019

NXT Live

In 2018, we saw that from the top of WrestleMania down to the Performance Center tryouts, nothing compares to top tier athletes in pro wrestling.

The percentage of talent who actually become great wrestlers is still incredibly low. There aren't many Ronda Rouseys out there with the love of WWE to dive into this world, yet, in 2018, we saw a special group on the Florida tour that showed flashes of brilliance. These are a few of those names to watch in 2019 as NXT continues to refine these incredible people into, hopefully, larger than life superstars.

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Kacy Catanzaro

An instant hit with her showing in the Mae Young Classic, the former American Ninja Warrior star has adapted her college gymnastics expertise into her in-ring style. A successful rookie year in terms of attention along with the foundation of wrestling with and against some great talent on the NXT Florida loop sets the stage for her future. There aren't many talents with twenty three matches in to a career that you can compare to "Mighty" Kacy.

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Stacey Ervin Jr.

In 2018, the live event legend of Stacey Ervin grew at a rapid pace. We always read about new recruits and what they excel at. Mr. Ervin just to happens to be one of the greatest gymnasts to ever try to cross in to the world of professional wrestling. Fourteen matches in to his career, Stacey has already faced veterans such as Tony Nese, Kassius Ohno, and a major test for any athlete in the profession, Ricochet, in the main event of an Orlando live event. There is no limit to what Ervin can do in the ring; it's just a matter of time to see his progression.

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Xia Li

A two time Mae Young Classic competitor and one of the best kept secrets of the P.C. in that time, Li was part of a major Chinese recruitment class a couple years ago and has become a standout in just a few televised appearances along with quality showings on the Florida events. With a fighter's presence and a flashy charm I've seen Florida crowds go wild for and the barrage of kicks she has in her arsenal, a TV run should be on the way soon.

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Raul Mendoza and Humberto Carrillo

You've probably seen each of these young luchadors on TV doing enhancement work, Mendoza (fka Jinzo) was part of the Cruiserweight Classic and has always showed flashes of brilliance against much more established opponents. Carrillo was a very under the radar signing and the former Ultimo Ninja is in his early 20s. These two have found something special on the Florida live event tour. Whenever the NXT tag team division needs a jump start or if 205 Live wants some fresh speed lucha action, these guys are money.