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NXT Winter Haven, FL, live results: Hideo Itami vs. Beautiful Blonde Blake


I'm here in Winter Haven, FL, for NXT Live action. Expecting a crowd of 300.

- Richard Swann defeated Noah Potjes

Potjes took most of the match and kept Swann grounded. Swann eventually hit a big superkick and a roll-through pin where he even ended up in a headstand. Crowd loved Swann, he was very over tonight

- Sara Lee defeated Liv Morgan

They kept this one simple. Sara used some holds to keep Liv controlled, Liv missed a spinning heel kick, and Sara was able to get the leg and lock in an STF-type submission for the win.

- Hugo Knox defeated Tino Sabbatelli

Mean guy match. They traded power stuff until Knox was able to get the pin.

- King Constantine defeated Alexander Wolfe

The 300-plus pound King Constantine returns to action here. Wolfe tried to keep him grounded, but wasn't able to stop the powerful comeback and was finished with a torture rack into a face-down slam for the pin. This guy is huge.

- Aliyah defeated Mandy Rose

Mandy cut a pre-match promo about being a bikini model champion. She challenged anyone who wants to face her to come on out. Aliyah answered the challenge and they had an even match until Aliyah hit a fisherman's suplex for the win.

- In-ring promo by Steve Cutler about how he's sick of hearing about the draft, that he's sick of this new generation worrying about everything but wrestling. The only thing that matters is what happens in this ring

- The Authors of Pain defeated Tucker Knight & Niko Bogojevic

The definition of a hoss fight as they just powered each other around until the Authors hit their hold-up lariat finish. Brutal and hard hitting.

- Hideo Itami defeated Beautiful Blonde Blake

Blake tried to wear down Hideo in a snug headlock, the crowd was heckling him the entire match. Itami fired up with a series of kicks and some good near falls, countering each other before Itami nails the running knee for the win.