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Orton challenges Edge to 'straight-up wrestling match' at WWE Backlash


Edge and Randy Orton look to be headed to a match against each other at Backlash.

For the first time since their last man standing match at WrestleMania 36, Edge and Orton made their returns to Raw this week. Their segment ended with Orton challenging Edge to a traditional wrestling match at Backlash, but Edge didn't give Orton an answer.

Orton acted like he was going to congratulate Edge on his win in their last man standing match at WrestleMania. But after saying the better man won, Orton said the better wrestler didn't win. He pointed out that Edge has only competed in the Royal Rumble and a last man standing match since his return and said it's been nine years since Edge actually wrestled. Orton said he doesn't think Edge has it in him anymore.

Orton told Edge that he saw doubt in Edge's eyes. He said Edge may have grit and passion, but his grit doesn't come close to comparing to Orton's natural ability. His passion isn't going to do anything about his ring rust.

Orton said that -- if Edge has the guts -- they'll face off in a straight-up wrestling match at Backlash. Edge didn't respond and appeared to show some doubt. Charly Caruso said the match may just be the greatest wrestling match ever if it does happen.

Backlash is taking place on Sunday, June 14.