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Otunga & Hudson agree on temporary custody, protective order dropped


David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson have reached a temporary custody agreement regarding their eight-year-old son (David Jr.) and Hudson has voluntarily agreed to drop the protective order that she filed against Otunga earlier this month.

TMZ reported the news today after Otunga and Hudson were scheduled for a hearing yesterday. Hudson filed the protective order as the couple, who had been engaged for nearly a decade, had been in the process of ending their relationship for several months.

The temporary agreement calls for Otunga to have primary custody of their son, with Hudson filming "The Voice UK" in London currently and having to travel often for the US version of the show. Otunga has claimed to be their son's main caregiver due to Hudson's schedule. TMZ reports that Otunga won't be returning to Hudson's home in the Chicago area they had been living in.

In the protective order, Hudson claimed Otunga had shown "aggressive, threatening, and harassing behavior" towards her, had physically pushed her out of their master suite at one point, and left a gun and holster on their kitchen table to intimidate her. Through his lawyer, Otunga responded by denying all of Hudson's allegations, saying he's never harmed or threatened her or their son and claiming Hudson filed the order to gain an upper hand in the custody dispute.

TMZ previously reported that police had opened a domestic battery investigation into the incident, though it's not clear where that stands after Hudson dropped the protective order.