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Owens-Shane ladder match added to WWE SmackDown's FOX debut


After being set up at the end of this week's SmackDown, WWE has announced when Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon's ladder match will take place.

The ladder match between Owens and Shane has been added to the lineup for SmackDown's FOX premiere. The match has a stipulation where Owens and Shane are both putting their careers on the line.

The SmackDown on FOX debut is taking place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Friday, October 4. Brock Lesnar will challenge for Kofi Kingston's WWE Championship on the episode, Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair will face Sasha Banks & Bayley, and legends will appear as part of SmackDown's 20th anniversary celebration.

Owens was "fired" by Shane on the September 10 episode of SmackDown. Last week, the angle was furthered with the revelation that Owens had filed "the largest wrongful termination lawsuit in history" against Shane.

That led to Owens and Shane trying to settle the lawsuit on SmackDown this week. Shane offered Owens two options: keeping Owens in court for years or him dropping the lawsuit and being reinstated by Shane. Shane also said he would rescind Owens' $100,000 fine. Instead of accepting either option, Owens challenged Shane to the ladder match.