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Paige on WWE not renewing her contract, future in-ring career, current health


Paige has spoken out about her upcoming departure from WWE, her health, a return to the ring, and more.

On a recent Twitch stream, Paige said that it was WWE who decided to not renew her contract, which expires on July 7. Despite them not renewing her contract, she is still appreciative of the company.

“I’m appreciative of WWE,” she said. “I really am. They helped me so much they got me a therapist when I had drinking and alcohol issues. They kept me a long time even after my neck surgery, sitting on my ass. I felt like I had so much left to give there as someone who can cut a decent promo and do a managerial role. It is what it is.”

She also clarified that she had no non-compete clause, meaning she is free after July 7.

“If you don’t re-sign, that normally means you don’t have a no-compete” she said. 

Paige also reiterated that it was not her choice to leave WWE, saying “WWE doesn’t want to re-sign me. It’s not my decision. I don’t want anyone to think it was my decision to walk away.”

She expressed frustration that WWE took their time in responding to her requests and inquiries about re-signing with the company, but said she understands why WWE ultimately decided to not re-sign her.

“They weren’t using me to my full potential, that’s for sure” she said. “It’s fair. Why do they [need to] employ me to not do very much for them. There is opportunities I could have done. I think they just want to focus on people who are wrestling.”

When asked about her health, Paige said she was the most healthy she had been in her entire career, and felt like she could compete in the ring again.

“I feel like I can compete again, yeah. 1000%” she said.

When asked about possibly joining another wrestling promotion, Paige said “Sure, if the money is right”.

On Friday, Paige announced on social media that July 7th would be her final day with the WWE, thanking the company. In regards to an in ring return, she wrote on Twitter that "That day will most certianly come again! Wherever the return [may be]."