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Pat McAfee explains reaction to WWE's Sasha Banks & Naomi suspension announcement

McAfee looked confused as Michael Cole was making the announcement on Friday.

On his radio show today, Pat McAfee explained his reaction to last week's announcement that Sasha Banks & Naomi have been "suspended indefinitely" by WWE.

The suspension announcement was made by Michael Cole during last Friday's episode of SmackDown. McAfee appeared to look confused while Cole was speaking, which drew attention on social media.

McAfee explained on his radio show that he was fascinated because it was the first time he was hearing the announcement. McAfee said he doesn't know what to think about the situation with Banks and Naomi.

"The Sasha and Naomi thing, that was my first time hearing what Cole was saying live there. I have no idea what to think there. I have no clue. This is very fascinating. [Banks is] a superstar. They were our champions. I honestly have no idea what to believe in this whole thing. They keep me out of the loop with everything. I have no f*cking idea. While Cole was doing his thing, I was very fascinated," McAfee said.

"I wish I had more answers for people. A couple of people asked me during my Chat with Pat on Saturday, 'What's going on?' It's like, 'F*ck, I feel like you know more than I do.' Literally, as that was happening, I'm like, 'Oh, goddamn, suspended indefinitely.' We need it [a resolution]."

Along with the suspension, WWE announced that the Women's Tag Team titles have been vacated. A tournament will be held in the future to crown the new champions.

The suspension announcement came four days after Banks and Naomi walked out of last Monday's Raw due to taking issue with the planned creative direction. Neither Banks nor Naomi have commented publicly on the situation.