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Possible Ryback contract dispute with WWE

Several sources have noted that there is an issue with Ryan "Ryback" Reeves and WWE, originally scheduled for Monday's RAW battle royal but absent, with reports of a contract dispute going around.

Ryback was in Dubai recently for a tour and flat out said he wasn't happy with his role at WrestleMania and being in a preshow match. While privately people talk like that all the time, it's not something considered good for your WWE career unless you are an untouchable level star.

At Sunday's Payback in Chicago, Ryback did a C.M. Punk-esque ring entrance, likely mocking Punk who blamed Ryback for injuring him. In Punk's infamous interviews on Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast, Ryback was one of the people he made fun of for carelessness with his body.

He also wore a weight belt Sunday with the wording "The Pre-Show Stopper" after being in the pre-show for a WWE event for the second straight month. 

We will discuss this more tonight on Wrestling Observer Radio.