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Ratings for WWE-A&E Booker T Biography, Most Wanted Treasures


WWE's programming block on A&E saw a viewership drop on Sunday night.

A&E's Booker T Biography documentary averaged 595,000 viewers on Sunday, down from the 790,000 viewers that the previous week's Randy Savage Biography averaged. The rating in the 18-49 demo was a 0.24, down from last week's 0.31 rating.

The Booker T Biography ranked 17th for the day on cable on Sunday. The Savage documentary had ranked seventh for the day on cable.

Episode four of WWE's Most Wanted Treasures, which aired immediately after the Biography documentary and was also focused on Booker T, averaged 555,000 viewers on Sunday. That's down from the 563,000 viewers that last week's episode averaged.

In the 18-49 demo, WWE's Most Wanted Treasures was even with last week. The show drew a 0.22 rating and ranked 20th for the day. Last week's episode drew a 0.22 rating and ranked 12th.

Here's a look at the ratings for WWE's programming block on A&E since it began:

Biography --

  • Steve Austin: 1.062 million viewers (0.38 rating in 18-49)
  • Roddy Piper: 880,000 viewers (0.27 rating in 18-49)
  • Randy Savage: 790,000 viewers (0.31 rating in 18-49)
  • Booker T: 595,000 viewers (0.24 rating in 18-49)

WWE's Most Wanted Treasures --

  • Episode one (Mick Foley): 766,000 viewers (0.29 rating in 18-49)
  • Episode two (The Undertaker & Kane): 769,000 viewers (0.27 rating in 18-49)
  • Episode three (Jerry Lawler): 563,000 viewers (0.22 rating in 18-49)
  • Episode four (Booker T): 555,000 viewers (0.22 rating in 18-49)

Shawn Michaels will be the subject of this coming Sunday's Biography documentary on A&E. Episode five of WWE's Most Wanted Treasures will feature Sgt. Slaughter looking for Iron Sheik memorabilia.