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Raw ratings trumped by first presidential debate


In a number that you can basically throw out as not being indicative of much of anything, WWE Raw did set its all-time low mark last night doing 2.46 million viewers.

The rating itself, not yet in, is a virtual certainty to be the lowest in the history of the show, and lowest for any WWE wrestling television show ever on Monday night dating back to the Prime Time Wrestling era.

Raw had done 2.68 million viewers on average the previous two weeks which is more indicative of where the audience is. The Clinton/Trump debate across all television platforms did about 81 million viewers and hurt other programming a lot worse than wrestling.

Monday Night Football, for example, did 8.05 million viewers, down from 12.14 million and 12.96 million the previous two weeks.

It will likely be the lowest rating for the for a long time, but the circumstances or judging anything by it are as silly as saying the NFL is dying because it dropped 34 percent in one week. Raw was down eight percent, but it would have been a lot worse had the debate started at 8 p.m. instead of 9 p.m.

When just factoring in the last two hours the drop was 14 percent, still less than half of the drop of football. I'd say that a number next week or during football season of 2.6 million would be a far worse sign than this number, but it will hold a record for a long period of time.

With all the debate coverage, Raw was 17th for the night on cable.

The three hours were:

8 p.m. 2.85 million viewers
9 p.m. 2.38 million viewers
10 p.m. 2.20 million viewers