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Raw Underground match set for next week's WWE Raw


A Raw Underground match has been announced for next week's post-SummerSlam episode of Raw.

Ivar of The Viking Raiders will face off with Dolph Ziggler in Raw Underground next Monday. The match comes after Ziggler defeated Ivar's partner Erik in Raw Underground tonight.

After Erik defeated an opponent in Raw Underground this week, Shane McMahon interviewed Ziggler about Erik's performance. Ziggler said the performance was a 4/10 at best. Ziggler then defeated Erik with a sleeper after poking Erik in the eye with his thumb. Following the match, Ivar tackled Ziggler into the crowd.

NXT's Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke appeared in a Raw Underground segment tonight alongside fellow Four Horsewomen of MMA member Shayna Baszler. After Shafir got a win, Nia Jax came into the ring and knocked her down from behind. Jax then taunted Duke and Baszler. She kicked Duke but bailed on a match against Baszler.

Earlier in the night, Jax attacked Baszler while Baszler was teaming with Asuka against Sasha Banks & Bayley. Baszler brawled with Jax but returned to the match and got the win for her team by submitting Bayley with the Kirifuda Clutch.