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Reigns-Pearce confrontation announced for WWE SmackDown


Roman Reigns will again confront Adam Pearce on next week’s SmackDown.

It was announced in an ad during NFL coverage on FOX this afternoon that Universal champion Roman Reigns will confront the new number one contender, WWE official Adam Pearce. A match between the two for the Royal Rumble has been made official.

Reigns confronted Pearce on this week’s SmackDown, upset that Pearce made a match between Kevin Owens and Jey Uso on last week's show. Reigns insinuated that Pearce wanted to put himself in the gauntlet match later in the show that would determine Reigns' next challenger. Pearce denied this. Paul Heyman later told Pearce backstage he pulled some strings and put him in the match. Pearce ended up winning the gauntlet match after Reigns and Uso attacked Shinsuke Nakamura and attacked Pearce, putting him over Reigns to give him the win.

Based on the show closing angle, a match between Nakamura and Uso has also been made for next week’s show.