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Report on the last two episodes of Total Divas this season

Season 3, Episode 19 & 20

Recap by Ryan Pike (@RyanNPike)

Double episode!

Episode 19!

-Paige's Boy-Toy: Okay, so Paige is kinda dating a guy named Bradley who's in a band I've never heard of. She, Alicia and Rosa go to Key West on vacation in a segment full of fairly blatant product placement, and bring Bradley and another guy with them. Paige alternates between ignoring Bradley and being all over him. He calls her out on it, she hems and haws and says she doesn't want a boyfriend, and so he decides to leave. She has a chat with the girls and then opens up to him about her commitment issues because of a bad past break-up. They hug it out.

-Bella Brother Selfies: JJ, Nikki and Brie's brother, accidentally sends him a nude photo he meant to send his wife. Whoops. He gets mad when he finds out Nikki showed it to everybody, including other members of their family. She insists that she did nothing wrong and was just being funny. As revenge, Brie posted a love poem Nikki wrote for John Cena on her Instagram. Brie thinks Nikki deserves the (moderate) embarrassment, and wanted her to know how JJ felt.

-In other news, Nattie meets Grumpy Cat and the cold open is the girls waxing their lady parts in preparation for their vacation.

Episode 20!

-The Bellas Renew Their Deals: Nikki is worrying about what she's missing traveling all the time, and Brie's thinking about having kids, so they both hem and haw about their impending contract renewal with WWE. Nikki has some meetings. John Cena, world's most understanding man, is encouraging to Nikki at chasing her acting dreams. Then, out of nowhere, Nikki wins the title and both girls are happy. They sit down with Mark From Talent Relations and explain where they're coming from. Neither of them say they're re-signing.

-Eva Endorses Stuff: Eva signs a deal to endorse hair extensions. Jonathan's her manager and is very direct and terse with her friends (who are helping with a photo shoot). Later, Mark From Talent Relations calls about the photo shoot photos, and mentions everything needs to be run past them first, not just approved by her husband/manager. And then Jonathan doesn't want to shut down a (not WWE approved) photo shoot. She isn't sure she can handle having him both as husband and her manager. Jonathan accuses her of being selfish, and basically unloads a season worth of venting onto her in one 30-second span. And then he walks out, so they may be done, I guess.

-Paige Dates That Guy: Paige's still dating that guy from the previous episode and asks him to move to LA. He says he wants her to meet his mom first. She gives both Bradley's mother and sister jump-hugs and Paige is basically adorable in this segment. Anyway, his family slips that he used to be married – years ago – and then he says he doesn't wanna move in together. Anyway, she goes home.

To summarize: all of the couples are fine to close out the season except for Eva Marie and Jonathan and Paige and that Bradley guy. Oh, and the Bellas may be leaving the company. Find out more when the show returns in July!