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Road Dogg returns to WWE as senior VP of live events, replaces Jeff Jarrett

Brian James will be replacing Jarrett who left WWE last week.

Update --

Dave Meltzer has confirmed Road Dogg's return to WWE:


Brian "Road Dogg" James is back working behind the scenes in WWE.

PWInsider reported on Monday that Road Dogg has returned to WWE as senior vice president of live events -- the role formerly held by Jeff Jarrett who left the company last week.

Road Dogg was working behind the scenes in NXT when he was released by WWE during a round of Performance Center staff cuts this January. He's also formerly worked on the WWE main roster, including once serving as the head writer of SmackDown.

His return comes after Paul "Triple H" Levesque has gained more power in WWE following the retirement of Vince McMahon. Triple H is WWE's new head of creative and executive vice president of talent relations.

Road Dogg and Triple H were both inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as members of D-Generation X in 2019.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio last month, Road Dogg spoke about potentially returning to WWE.

"For a while there, it was hands off and I could just write the SmackDown I wanted to write -- with help, of course. Then it got back to the old corporate ways," Road Dogg said. "I would love to go back to NXT. I don't think I want to go back to the main roster. I'd love to go somewhere that I have something to offer. I feel like what I have to offer is making the television show sweet. And I got a couple ideas about wrestling. But I feel like WWE has that. They have everything I have to offer in-house. So I don't know that they would hire me back. Of course I would go back to NXT. It's really cool down there. Shawn [Michaels] and the writers that I all worked with on SmackDown, a couple of them. So I got a great rapport with those guys. I'd love to go back down there. I just don't know if I'm ready to do the ol' Windsor knot again and try to fit back into those friggin' suits I bought."

Road Dogg also said on Busted Open Radio that he'd been "begging" Tony Khan for a job in AEW and wanted to know why Khan wouldn't hire him.

"I'm not retired, I'm unemployed," Road Dogg said. "That's what I keep saying: 'I'm not retired, I'm unemployed.' And I see things on Tony Khan's TV show that appall me. I could help with that. I have been begging him for a job on every platform I can and I want to know the reason why he won't hire me."

Earlier this month, Road Dogg sat with the crew backstage at Impact Wrestling's Emergence event.