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Report: UpUpDownDown content creators holding out on WWE


A lack of new content on WWE's UpUpDownDown gaming channel on YouTube can be explained simply, according to a report. 

Only two short videos have been posted to UpUpDownDown in the last three weeks, and none of the longer streams that the channel is known for. Fightful Select reports that content creators have stopped producing for UpUp DownDown until WWE cuts Xavier Woods a bigger financial piece of the pie. 

The report states that while Woods never owned the UpUpDownDown brand, those that appear on the channel believe that Woods is the key force in growing the subscriber base and getting new people involved in producing content, and should be rewarded financially for that. 

Fightful's report stresses that UpUpDownDown may not be done as a brand and that regular content could continue once the "situation was rectified."

WWE is bringing back the Superstar Gaming Series this week after a hiatus of nearly a year, a notable development given the UpUpDownDown report.