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Report: WWE to remain TV-PG for foreseeable future

Previous reports suggested a move to TV-14 was in the works.

WWE's PG era is not coming to an end anytime soon. 

Last month, it was reported a deal for the company to move from a TV-PG rating to a TV-14 rating was planned but not yet finalized. According to a report from PW Insider, that plan is no longer in the works, and WWE is expected to remain TV-PG for the "foreseeable future." 

On July 14, our own Andrew Zarian posted to Twitter that a memo within the USA Network was sent regarding WWE Raw moving to TV-14 beginning on July 18. He would later update his report to say this would no longer be the case, however.  

"This is a wild situation. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes WWE Raw won’t be going to TV-14 on July 18th but still in consideration for a later date," Zarian wrote

WWE Raw first moved from TV-PG to a TV-14 rating in 1997. It would return to TV-PG beginning in July 2008. WWE SmackDown has been rated TV-PG since its inception in 1999.