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Malik Blade defeated Draco Anthony

This was not great.

Anthony was arrogant in the opening in his chain wrestling, an attitude that nearly came back to bite him as Blade gained an early advantage. Anthony managed to catch and slam Blade to turn things around after Blade’s first offensive stint. 

Anthony connected with power moves before attempting a Boston crab in the center of the ring. Blade escaped the Boston crab, landing a jumping leg lariat after a moment of separation. Anthony tried to resist as things picked up for Blade, but a springboard dropkick proved to be too much and Blade picked up the win.

Nikkita Lyons defeated Eric Yan

For some reason, this match was significantly based in ground work. That was bad and the standup work was much better.

An early tie-up led things to the mat. Yan took her time, but really didn't do anything offensively yet maintained control. Eventually, Lyons took ground control from Yan, leading to an awkward sequence that lasted nearly the duration of the match. When things weren’t on the mat, Lyons was landing some less than stellar strikes. 

Thankfully, this came to an end after Lyons landed a DDT for the pin and win.

Ikemen Jiro defeated Ru Feng

While nothing special in the big picture, this was great compared to the rest of the card.

Jiro started by gaining arm control. As Feng attempted to get something going, Jiro maintained a hold on Feng’s arm. Finally, Feng pulled Jiro’s leg out from the top rope, sending him crashing to the mat. Feng took this opportunity to take things to the mat, working an extended chinlock.

Jiro eventually escaped the chinlock, landing a dragon screw leg whip to open things up. He connected with multiple Jacket Punches, an Asai moonsault, and the Ikemen slash to close out the match and pick up the win.