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WWE 205 Live results: Joe Gacy vs. Draco Anthony

Josh Briggs, Lash Legend, Amari Miller and others were all in action this week on 205 Live.

Josh Briggs defeated Damon Kemp

This wasn’t anything special—just a brief, inconsequential heavyweight outing.

Kemp tried early for a takedown, with little success. Briggs landed a boot, multiple grounded strikes, and a splash before Kemp started to rally. A shoulder tackle left Kemp in control for the first time. Kemp tried to follow up by whipping Briggs into the corner, but Briggs bounced out, delivering a lariat. Briggs then pinned Kemp to close the opening match.

Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon defeated Amari Miller and Lash Legend

Not that this was great or anything, but there was effort put into this, so that’s something.

Feroz opened the match by landing kicks to the legs of Legend before tagging in Leon, who immediately lost control. Legend could not follow up. however, as Miller demanded a tag. She gained the lead, grounding her opponent before Legend tagged back into the match.

Legend regained the lead before tagging Miller back in, and the Miller/Legend pair worked in a successful tandem for the first time, isolating Feroz. This lasted until Legend refused to tag in, allowing Feroz to score a hot tag. Legend eventually tagged back into the match after it was clear Miller needed out.

Legend gained control over Leon, prompting Miller to tag herself back into the match, leading to a quibble between Miller and Legend. Leon then trapped Miller in a quick pin.

Joe Gacy defeated Draco Anthony

This match opened with a lot of back and forth before a distraction from Harland allowed Gacy to score a backdrop. Gacy controlled the match on the ground for some time.

After Anthony fought to his feet, he found great offensive success. Before he could finish Gacy, however, Gacy looked at him in a weird manner. This must have freaked out Anthony; he seemed flabbergasted. Gacy landed a lariat, leading to the pin.