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NXT Asbury Park live results: Pete Dunne vs. Velveteen Dream


Submitted by Shaun McGann

- War Raiders defeated Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.

Zack Gibson came out and started cutting a foreign heel promo on how the UK gave the US language, music and football (real football). Some USA chants. He said he challenged anyone in the back to prove him wrong and Dominik Dijakovic answered. 

- Zack Gibson defeated Dominik Dijakovic

Crowd was a little underwhelmed. Slow start kind of killed the crowd after the first match. Gibson beat him in about 4 minutes. Not bad but not a whole lot to it. 

- Deonna Purrazzo and Dakota Kai defeated Bianca Belair and Lacy Evans.

- Johnny Gargano defeated Lars Sullivan by disqualification.

Sullivan cut a promo that  he was in a bad mood and that was bad or everyone - Gargano came out to a big pop. He cut a promo that he was also in a bad mood after the events of the last few weeks and if Lars wanted a fight he'd have one and ran at him. Lars just started pummeling him in the corner and they rang the bell.

After the match Lars left and came back and avalanched Gargano in the corner and left. A voice came over the PA "One......Two....." Champa came out to big reaction and started counting to ten and taunting Gargano to get over the Last Man Standing stip, Gargano hit him with a super kick on 9 and cut a promo about winning the belt. Crowd was into this.  

- Adam Cole defeated EC3

Cole got the clean pin with the the knee to the head.

- Shayna Baszler defeated Kairi Sane by submission

Bazler worked her leg for a while. They did do a spot where Bazler stomped on Sane's heel and it look like she broke her foot. Shayna did catch her in the rear choke and the ref called it.

- Pete Dunne defeated Velveteen Dream

Dunne worked the arm for a while  and they eventually built to a few false finishes until Dream accidentally kicked the ref. The two of them looked at each other the crowd chanted for tables and Dunne shrugged until they just came to blows.

Dunne hit his pump-handle finisher but the ref missed the count. Dunne came off the top into a kick to the head from Dream right into the rolling Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Finally, with the ref still groggy Zack Gibson came down and hit Dunne with his finisher (looks like it might be a brainbuster didn't get a great look) another near fall.

Velveteen told Gibson to grab the belt but the Moustache Mountain hit the ring and got rid of Gibson, Dunne hit Velveteen with his finisher and won. 

Afterwards Trent Seven got on the mic and thanked everyone and did the Hunter "We are all NXT" speech.