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NXT Daytona live results: WALTER teams with Barthel & Aichner


NXT's Florida house show loop came to Daytona on Thursday night. The estimated attendance was 150 people.

- Chase Parker & Matt Martel defeated Rik Bugez & Nick Ogarelli

- Bianca Belair defeated Vanessa Borne (w/ Aliyah)

Belair won with a spear.

- Cameron Grimes defeated Tehuti Miles 

Miles, who is an Army veteran and former University of Maryland football player, was making his NXT debut here and cut a promo before the match. Grimes won quickly with a double stomp.

- Bronson Reed defeated Austin Theory

This was also Theory's NXT debut. He took the mic before the match and ran down the previous match and Miles for not getting the job done.

They had a good back-and-forth match with some impressive moments by both. Theory hit a great dropkick and standing moonsault. Reed hit his big splash from the top to win it.

- The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) defeated The Outliers (Dorian Mak & Riddick Moss) w/ Robert Stone 

- Matt Riddle defeated Jeet Rama 

They threw each other around until Riddle hit the Bro Derek to win it.

- Kassius Ohno defeated Danny Burch in a British Rounds match

This was the first British Rounds match in NXT US history. 

Ohno explained the rules and they had the basketball scoreboard active for this. We had six rounds that were three minutes each. There was a 30-second break between each round. To win the match, a wrestler must earn two pinfalls or two submissions (or one of each) or win via knockout. If none of that happens after six rounds, the wrestler with the most falls is the winner.

It went to the sixth round before Ohno scored the win. A very unique match for the Florida loop that did have a lot of action along with the suspense. 

- Io Shirai defeated Mia Yim 

Physical match that will translate well to TV when these two go at it again. They each escaped the other's finishers, then Shirai was able to score a pin deep in the match.

- Imperium (WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER, Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) defeated The Forgotten Sons (Wesley Blake, Steve Cutler & Jackson Ryker)

Great physical and violent action here, with it building to WALTER facing off with Ryker. It was teased early but didn't happen until the end when they exchanged big strikes and moves. WALTER destroyed Blake with a powerbomb to get the pin. This was a special one.