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NXT Gainesville, FL, live results: No Way Jose & Roderick Strong team up


Images: @JJWilliamsWON

Approximately 200 people were in attendance tonight.

- Liv Morgan defeated Mary Kate

Morgan was roughed up all the way through until rolling up Mary Kate with a bridging pin.

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- Heavy Machinery & HoHo Lun defeated The Ealy Brothers & Kishan Raftaar

Heavy Machinery did their belly bump slam with Lun on Tucker Knight’s back to finish off Raftaar.

- The Bollywood Boyz cut a promo in the ring. They declared that they are “410 because that's twice as good as anyone on 205 Live." The crowd was all over them and their heel routine.

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- Oney Lorcan defeated Chris Atkins

This was fast-paced when Lorcan was on offense. Atkins looked good. Lorcan fired up and hit a dive to the outside and a running blockbuster to win it.

- Dylan Miley defeated Steve Cutler by DQ

Miley had the match won with a claw and a slam but Wesley Blake made the run in to save his usual tag partner before being destroyed as well. Miley is a force already.

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- Killian Dain (w/ Nikki Cross) defeated Montez Ford

This was an entertaining match, with Ford trying to outwrestle and quick Dain yet being absolutely overpowered. Cross ran distractions at ringside as per usual. Dain hit the One Winged Angel to win it.

Cross and Sarah Bridges got into it during the match and Angelo Dawkins had to make the save to get Dain away from Ford.

- Buddy Murphy defeated Brennan Williams

Williams kept control of Murphy until Murphy fired up and scoop slammed his much larger opponent. The crowd loves Buddy Murphy on the Florida loop.

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- Nikki Cross defeated Sarah Bridges

This match was set up earlier tonight and was a total brawl. Cross hit a swinging fisherman neckbreaker to win.

- No Way Jose & Roderick Strong defeated Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli

The crowd was all over Sabbatelli early and loved Jose. There was wild action all over the place, leading to a Jose hot tag and pop-up punch to win it.