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NXT pre-TakeOver TV taping results: Drew McIntyre vs. Wesley Blake


Submitted by reader Stanley Kosek

Here are results from the matches that were taped for NXT TV at the Allstate Arena prior to TakeOver going on the air:

- Aleister Black defeated Curt Hawkins

The crowd went nuts for Black. He took most of the match, then got the pin after hitting Black Mass.

- The Velveteen Dream (Patrick Clark) defeated Robert "Ego" Anthony

Anthony wrestles for local indies and got a decent pop for his appearance here. It was a squash match, but it was fine for what it was because Anthony can work. The Velveteen Dream won with an elbow from the top rope.

- Drew McIntyre defeated Wesley Blake

The pop that McIntyre got was okay, but it wasn't anything huge. Blake got a decent amount of offense in the match. It was an okay match, though it was choppy at parts. McIntyre won with the Claymore Kick.