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NXT pre-TakeOver TV taping results: El Vagabundo appears


Submitted by Pat Laprade

NXT taped TV prior to TakeOver: Orlando at the Amway Center tonight:

- Heavy Machinery defeated The Bollywood Boyz when Otis Dozovic was holding one of the Bollywoods in the same position Mark Henry would for a World's Strongest Slam, then Tucker Knight ran the ropes and splashed his partner in the back as Dozovic executed the slam. The move was hard to explain, but very cool to watch.

- Peyton Royce defeated Aliyah with a bridging fisherman's suplex.

- Oney Lorcan defeated El Vagabundo (Elias Samson)

El Vagabundo came out. It was The Drifter with a lucha mask and his guitar after he lost a loser leaves NXT match to Kassius Ohno on TV. He sang a song and then Lorcan took the mic saying "I know you're The Drifter, you know you're The Drifter, these people know you're The Drifter" and then the fans started chanting "No! No! No!" and a huge "Vagabundo." Great stuff.

After just a few minutes, Lorcan removed the mask and the crowd started booing. Soon after, Lorcan pinned him with a standing blockbuster. A woman security guard escorted Samson to the backstage area by grabbing him by the hair.