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NXT Sacramento, CA, live results: Roderick Strong hits the road

Roderick Strong

Submitted by reader Ryan Rosenthal

- Patrick Clark def. Buddy Murphy

The fans reacted to Patrick like he was a star. The match didn't have much to it and Patrick picked up the win, working as a face despite how he came off on the last NXT TV show.

- Aliyah & Daria Berenato def. Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

This was the worst match on the show, and the crowd didn't react to them very much. Peyton and Billie were announced as "best friends". Aliyah had good energy and picked up the win after hitting Trish Status' finisher. She was announced as being from Toronto, Canada, 

- Roderick Strong def. Oney Lorcan

This was the best in-ring match on the show by leaps and bounds. Most of the fans didn't seem to know who Strong was. They worked a stiff, balanced and competitive match that went a good 15 minutes. They held the crowd's interest and Roderick picked up the win with his Death by Roderick.

- Tye Dillinger def. Wesley Blake

Tye was very over with the crowd and they did a lot of comedy throughout the match. The crowd got on Blake throughout including chants of "do some sit-ups". Tye made a comeback and hit the Tye-Breaker for the win. Fans loved him.


- Bobby Roode def. No Way Jose

Fans absolutely loved both men, dancing for No Way and soaking up the "Glorious" theme for Bobby. Roode took the mic and had his theme played a 2nd time to the fans' delight. They asked for one more time to which he grabbed the mic and said no. Most of the match was comedy, Roode and the ref dancing, Jose mocked Bobby and took most of the match before Roode eventually hit the spinbuster and DDT combo for the win. Not an excellent in-ring match, but definitely the most fun of the night. 

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka def Mandy Rose to retain

Asuka took her time with Rose, and did some comedy centered around Rose not wanting to get hit in the face, so, of course, Asuka focused on her face. Eventually, they did a variety of rolls at the end on the ground that transitioned to the chicken-wing for the submission.

- Samoa Joe & The Authors of Pain (w/Paul Ellering) def. NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura & TM61

To no surprise, Nakamura was the biggest star with Joe also getting a big reaction. There was little reaction to both TM61 and the AOP. The bulk of the match was the tag teams doing the work. Whenever Joe or Nakamura was in, the crowd lit up and they were excellent. The finish came when the ref got distracted by Ellering, Joe gave a low blow to a TM61 member, locked in the Clutch and got the tap, much to the crowd’s surprise.

The heels tried to take out Shinsuke, which led to him making a 1 on 3 comeback and hitting the Kinshasa to send everyone home happy.


Austin Aries was scheduled to be on the card, but was pulled due to his injury from Wednesday night.