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NXT San Diego live results: Tyler Breeze appears


Submitted by Braden Jackson

- Kassius Ohno defeated Kona Reeves

Ohno took the win after a bicycle kick and spinning elbow. Reeves got some great heat with his cocky/pompous attitude.

- Kairi Sane & Jessie Elaban defeated Vanessa Borne & Taynara Conti

Elaban, who regularly wrestles at NXT house shows in Florida, was appearing on a road tour for the first time. She plays a peppy, nerdy character.

Borne yelled that Sane isn't a real pirate, with Sane replying "I am real" when she got the upper hand. Sane got the win with her elbow drop. She and Elaban did a pirate version of the "Thriller" dance after the match.

- Brennan Williams defeated Marcel Barthel

The crowd booed Barthel so much during a pre-match promo that he couldn't get a chance to speak. He mentioned Germany, which led to a "USA" chant breaking out.

Williams' Lenny Kravitz-esque theme interrupted Barthel, with him receiving "Lenny Kravitz" chants because of the music. He ended up winning with a big knee to the face.

- Lars Sullivan defeated Tyler Breeze

Breeze made a surprise appearance and got a good reaction. Sullivan was instantly booed due to facing him.

Breeze did his taunt where he lays on the turnbuckle. He got a near fall with the Beauty Shot late before Sullivan won with the Freak Accident. Breeze received an ovation and "Thank you Tyler" chants following the match.

- Johnny Gargano & Heavy Machinery (Otis Dozovic & Tucker Knight) defeated Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly & Roderick Strong)

After Undisputed Era triple teamed Dozovic, Gargano got the tag and ran them all down. He has unbelievable natural flow in the ring and won it for his team with a spinning-initiated Gargano Escape.

Gargano and Heavy Machinery did a belly bump after, which knocked Gargano out of the ring.

- NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler defeated Candice LeRae to retain her title

Baszler won with a huge knee strike and went back after LeRae following the match. Sane came out to break it up. Baszler bailed before coming back, with Sane getting the advantage and elbow dropping her.

- EC3 defeated Velveteen Dream

Dream got the biggest reaction of the night, even bigger than Gargano.

They had the best match of the show and did great character work. Dream hit his rolling Death Valley Driver and corkscrew DDT, but EC3 won with his TKO finisher.

- NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa defeated Aleister Black to retain his title

Black got a better reaction than he's been getting recently on NXT. Ciampa was mostly booed but received some cheers.

They did most of the same spots from their match that aired on NXT television this week. Ciampa got the win with the Angel's Wings slam.

Ciampa tried to attack Black after the match, but Gargano came out from the crowd and went after Ciampa. Gargano tossed Ciampa out, then he locked eyes with Black. Black wasn't smiling, and Gargano left and tried to put his hands up like he's innocent. Ciampa tried attacking Black from behind but got hit with the Black Mass. Ciampa was knocked out of the ring and sat there for no less than five minutes.

Black reached for the NXT title but didn't touch it, seemingly because he wants to earn it.