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NXT San Jose, CA, live results: Bobby Roode vs. Roderick Strong


- Johnny Gargano defeated Andrade "Cien" Almas

This had the best crowd reactions of anything. Gargano did a great job selling and is such a great worker. He's also in ridiculous condition. I expect this will be similar to their TakeOver match and it should be something. Gargano won with the Gargano Escape.

- Ruby Riot & Sarah Logan defeated Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose

One of the best bouts on the show. Logan's selling is great in little ways you don't notice on television. Deville has improved tremendously and understands how to work for her character a lot more.

Mandy Rose has potential to be a superstar. Her look may get you thinking she's just a model they are throwing out there but she's a great athlete.

- Lars Sullivan defeated Oney Lorcan

Lorcan is the perfect opponent for Sullivan as he's so intense and brings it even with the gigantic size difference. Sullivan would have been a super attraction in the 70s and 80s as a heel with a manager doing programs with guys like Bruno, Dusty, Watts, Fritz, etc.

Sullivan has an incredible physical presence and reminds me of a much larger version of the Mongolian Stomper. The potential is there for him to be a major superstar. Sullivan won with a slam sort of like Takeshi Rikio's old finisher.

- Aleister Black defeated Hideo Itami

This was weird. Black has the superstar ring entrance and aura -- really to a degree with maybe the top ten guys in WWE as a whole. But because he's done this badass fighter who finishes people in seconds on TV like a Goldberg, the people are not interested in him selling. It's not that he's not good at it, but it's not what the people want to see from him, but to do a long match you have to do it.

Itami did such a good job to overcome that as the match went on and he's got good heel tricks. The crowd reacted to Itami like they saw him as a major star and didn't want to boo him either, so he had to overcome that. Black won with the Black Mass. This is probably getting ready for their TakeOver bout.

- Kassius Ohno & Drew McIntyre defeated Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli

Sabbatelli has the look and is clearly a top level athlete, like you see something is there. Moss looks like a muscular heavyweight Perro Aguayo Jr. Ohno sold much of the way to set up McIntyre's comeback.

McIntyre should be top three or four on either major brand right now. He clicks every box: great worker, connects, fiery comeback, great facial expressions, strong promo skills, and great size and look. His hot tag was exactly what it should be. He pinned Moss with the Claymore Kick.

- William Regal came out to a huge ovation, and said the last five years have been the most satisfying of his career in wrestling, talking about watching the brand grow from drawing 50 to 75 people to shows like this.

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka defeated Ember Moon

Asuka won with a crossbody off the top and a roll through. She wasn't a heel at all, even though she is in the TV build for this. The crowd was a little tired. Not nearly as good as you'd think. Believe it or not, the other women's match on the show was significantly better.

- Alexander Wolfe & Eric Young defeated NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain by DQ

Unlike in other cities and in the TV build, SAnitY played complete faces. I guess they did the switch based on crowd reactions earlier this week where AOP had been the faces. Wolfe sold and Young made the hot tag.

There was a notable major botch on a Young neckbreaker, but Young kept going and honestly, it only hurt the bout for a second. Young had Akam pinned and Rezar pulled the ref out of the ring for the DQ.

People didn't like the finish so they did a post-match brawl with Wolfe and Young doing dives and brawling to the back. Nikki Cross was with SAnitY. No Killian Dain. No Paul Ellering.

- NXT Champion Bobby Roode defeated Roderick Strong to retain his title

They did the same finish as they always do with Roode using a low blow and two DDTs. It was an excellent main event. It's hard because Roode is the most popular guy on the roster but he works as the heel which is tough on a babyface. He carries himself like a superstar.

Strong's wrestling is excellent but it took a while to get the crowd behind him. Roode did much more than I've seen of him and this was as good or better than his TakeOver title matches. The crowd was very into the match itself, and the idea it was a real championship style match, in the last 10 minutes.

After the match, McIntyre came out, cleaned house, and cut a promo that he was taking the title in eight days.