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NXT St. Augustine, FL, live results: Andrews teams with Ohno


By @FLWrestlingFan

- War Machine defeated TM61

This was a real solid opener, with Hanson pinning Nick Miller after Thor's Hammer. TM61 continue to do their tweener heel gimmick. War Machine's music isn't known by the entire state, but they're getting monster pops when they come through the curtain at Florida house shows.

- Buddy Murphy defeated Dijak

Murphy pinned Dijak (announced as that) with his spinning Death Valley Driver. This match was a sprint with a ton of amazing strikes by both guys. Murphy did two near-10 counts, which the crowd almost bit on. Really good match for six or seven minutes.

- Dakota Kai & Jessie Elaban defeated Vanessa Borne & Aliyah

Kai pinned Borne after debuting a modified Canadian Destroyer Backstabber as a new finisher. The crowd went nuts for the move. Borne could not have taken it any better.

- Ricochet came out and cut a promo about how he's going to win the NXT North American Championship. Long way to go on the mic, but the crowd appreciated him appearing.

- Babatunde Aiyegbusi defeated Fabian Aichner

Babatunde won with a pop-up lariat. The intensity he brings with his limited move set is very over with the audience in terms of being a monster heel with power moves and aggression.

- The Forgotten Sons (Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler) defeated The Street Profits

Blake pinned Montez Ford after Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss interfered and Sabbatelli pushed Ford off the top rope as he was going for a frog splash. This was The Street Profits' first match since losing to The Authors of Pain at Full Sail and their first real match since Ford got hurt.

This had the most heat of any match on the show with the crowd hating Cutler and Blake. The entire crowd just kept calling The Forgotten Sons chickens the entire match. It was so bizarre, but Ford took it to another level by making chicken sounds every time he grabbed a headlock. Very entertaining match.

- Kairi Sane defeated Taynara Conti

Sane won with the top rope elbow, which is the first time in she's used it on a house show in a while.

- Aleister Black defeated Kona Reeves

They did the match they've been doing the past three weeks where the bell rings and Black stands still in the ring for minutes. Meanwhile, the heel cuts a promo, goes back and forth several times to the outside to argue with fans, then after three times of going to the outside, the heel charges at Black and gets hit with the Black Mass.

Much like the previous two times this match was done (March 17th vs. Reeves in Largo, March 23rd vs. Marcel Barthel in Lakeland), Zelina Vega came out and sat in front of Black. She cut her typical promo about NXT TakeOver: New Orleans and left the ring.

- Mark Andrews & Kassius Ohno defeated Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss

Andrews pinned Moss with a roll-up after countering the assisted Gory Bomb finisher Moss and Sabbatelli do. Andrews got beat up for most of the match before getting the hot tag to Ohno. Decent bout.

After it was over, Blake and Cutler made it four-on-two and beat down Ohno and Andrews. This brought out The Street Profits to get their revenge on their opponents from earlier, as well as Sabbatelli and Moss. Ford and Andrews hit their finishers.

Ohno danced with The Street Profits and did a reverse worm to a massive pop. He then asked for the mic and said him and Angelo Dawkins were in NXT five years ago and where they're at now compared to then is night and day. He said that the fans are what makes NXT what it is and the brand would be nothing without the fans.