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NXT Sydney, Australia, live results: New main event disappoints live crowd


Submitted by reader Kyle Dmoch (Thanks to Joshua Weir for also submitting a report)

- Akira Tozawa d. Andrade Almas

Match was roughly 9 mins in a solid opener. Crowd was interested but reserved throughout the match. However, the Towaza scream was very over with the crowd.

- Peyton Royce & Billie Kay d. Aliyah and Liv Morgan

Match was about 8:30 and was poor, very similar to what was recently seen on television just longer. The Australian girls came out to a reasonable babyface pop and turned heel on the live crowd promptly in a pre-match promo bashing their hometown. The crowd amused themselves with 10 chants and singing the national anthem.

- Oney Lorcan d. Wesley Blake

Match was about 7 mins and died in front of the live crowd. Crowd was ironically chanting 'This is awesome' and 'holy sh*t' throughout.

- Oney Lorcan def. Patrick Clark

Clark came out and elicited some reasonably heat from the crowd by calling them wankers. Clark showboats for several mins after the bell rings and subsequently loses to a flipping neckbreaker in about 3 mins.

- NXT Tag Team Champions DIY d. The Revival

Match was roughly 19 mins. It was a solid back and forth match with good near falls at the end and easily the second best match of the show. The crowd reacted huge to both teams before and after the match.


- TM61 d. Riddick Moss and Tino Sabatelli

TM61 got a decent home country reaction while Moss and Sabatelli got a minimal response. Very basic, fundamental, developmental match that you would see on television. Moss and Sabatelli elicited decent heat in the closing stretches from the crowd but the hometown boys were clearly the stars, carrying the majority the match.

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka d. Ember Moon

This was the clear match of the night in roughly 12-13 mins. Asuka got a superstar reaction, the best of the night to that point. Very solid, technically sound match. Many near falls had the crowd possibly bought on a title change. Overall very fun affair where Moon definitely came off for the better.

- NXT Champion Nakamura/Tye Dillinger/Buddy Murphy d. Bobby Roode/Samoa Joe/Elias Samson

A 4 way was advertised for weeks with Nakamura, Roode, Dillinger and Samoa Joe. However, the ring annoucer annouced that the main event was a 6 man tag which received thunderous boos.

Samson came out to boos and did a 5 min promo. Everyone reacted strongly to all the participants especially Dillinger and Nakamura. Once the match commenced, Roode, Samson and Murphy did the majority of the work much to the chagrin of the crowd. Murphy did a prolonged heat spot with the heels and then tagged in Nakamura, who did his trademark spots and promptly finished the match.

Most of the crowd left immediately after the final bell, and there was an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction and bitterness after the end of the show.

Estimated attendance: 2700-3200