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NXT TakeOver pre-show TV taping & dark match results


Notes submitted by JJ Williams and Chris Aiken

Dark Match: 

- Wolfgang defeated Aaron Solow in a squash match after hitting a moonsault. Wolfgang was from the UK tournament

TV Taping:

- Ember Moon defeated Aliyah with the Eclipse (off the top stunner) in a short match. Moon is originally from Dallas, so she got a nice reaction.

- WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate defeated Oney Lorcan with the Tyler Driver '97 (sit-out double underhook powerbomb). Bate's airplane spin was over with the crowd, getting them to chant to 10.

- No Way Jose defeated Elias "The Drifter" Samson after hitting the fastball punch. Samson was the only person to get a good heel reaction this far while Jose was loved as he cut off Samson's pre-match promo. 

Other Notes:

- On the pre-show, it was announced that Nigel Mcguinness will take over for Corey Graves on the NXT announce desk after tonight.