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NXT UK results: Aichner & Barthel vs. Andrews & Webster


NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Plus - Episode 25 (taped January 12, 2019 at the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, England)

Quick recap: 

Just four days after NXT UK TakeOver:Blackpool, a new episode with matches taped before the actual TakeOver event aired on the WWE Network in somewhat of a surprise (it wasn't announced until today). In the opening match, Ligero beat Saxon Huxley. Isla Dawn could not get revenge on Jinny, as The White Witch lost to the Fashionista. The European Connection of Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel beat Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster in the main event.

Full rundown:

The show opened with a highlight video of Saturday's NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, culminating with the debut of WALTER who walked to the ring to stare down Pete Dunne, who had just successfully defended his WWE UK Championship against Joe Coffey.

Ligero pinned Saxon Huxley in 5:22 after hitting the C4L

Saxon started with a kick but Ligero quickly started evading him and hit a number of dropkicks and other offense until Juxley caught him off a body press and slammed him down hard. Huxley took over for a while and put on a straight jacket submission after hitting a nice Thesz Press. Ligero eventually staged a comeback, culminating in a beautiful top rope missile dropkick. After a stunner through the ropes, Ligero hit the C4L, his springboard Tornado DDT for the win.

Jinny pinned Isla Dawn in 6:42 after an X-Factor off the second turnbuckle

Jinny started with strikes but Isla quickly hit a gut wrench suplex and double knees for a near fall before progressing into a series of hammerlocks that Jinny had trouble escaping. She eventually escaped to ringside and snapped Isla's neck on the top rope. After a quick hurricanrana, she locked in an abdominal stretch but Isla managed to hip toss her way out of the move.

Jinny hit a flatliner into the turnbuckle for a near fall and locked in a cobra clutch. Isla came back with a back drop driver then got Jinny into a Gory Especial, which Jinny hit a victory roll attempt out of but ended up on the bottom for a near fall. As Isla went to the top rope, Jinny drop kicked her legs out and hit an X-Factor off the middle rope for the victory.

Nigel and Vic talked about Travis Banks, who was attacked by Jordan Devlin before their match could officially start. Banks then challenged Jordan Devlin for a match next week. The match later was confirmed by NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint.

A graphic plugged the upcoming tag team match.

A clip on the the upcoming NXT UK tapings on February 22 and 23 aired.

The European Connection (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) beat Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews in 9:37 when Aichner pinned Webster after a combined spinning power bomb/flying European uppercut

Aichner and Barthel had new matching gear with their monograms on the front and the flags of the European Union and Germany/Italy respectively on the rear. Aichner and Andrews started out and Aichner quickly demonstrated his power. After some power moves by Aichner, Andrews hit a hurricanrana and dropkick. Barthel and Webster were in next and Webster used his quickness for the advantage but quickly got overpowered by the two bigger men and got rag dolled by Aichner for good measure. Webster eventually managed to hot tag Andrews while Barthel also tagged out. Webster helped Andrews do an assisted 450 for a near fall. The two mainlanders quickly put a stop to Andrews' tomfoolery and double teamed him mercilessly.

Webster managed to break up a pin that would have meant certain defeat. Andrews managed to hurricanrana Aichner out of the ring and the faces hit stereo somersault dives over the rop to the outside. Back in the ring, Barthel impressively tossed Andrews right into a brain buster by Aichner for another close fall. Andrews managed to come back, slid under both heels and hit a double Pelé kick. Webster was in and this time, Barthel barely saved the match for his team on a pin fall attempt.

Andrews hit Stunt Dog Millionaire on Barthel but as he went for a dive, Aichner trapped his legs and smashed him into the barriers a few times, effectively taking him out of the match. Webster then was easy prey to Aichner and Barthel and they finished him off with a combined spinning power bomb/flying European uppercut.

Next week:

Travis Banks will finally get his hands on Jordan Devlin and a number of other matches from the post-TakeOver tapings will air.