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NXT UK results: Andrews & Webster vs. Gallus Tag Team title match

Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews vs. Gallus

Taped at The Brentwood Centre in Brentwood, England on October 4

Quick results:

- Ilja Dragunov beat Saxon Huxley and was intently watched by Alexander Wolfe, his actual former trainer.

- Aichner & Barthel beat The Hunt in a very good match.

- Xia Brookside scored an upset win over Nina Samuels.

- Gallus conquered the NXT UK tag team titles, beating Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster in a tremendous match.

Full rundown:

The show opened with a video recapping Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster at TakeOver and then focused on their history with Gallus, leading up to their title defense tonight.

Ilja Dragunov pinned Saxon Huxley (5:23)

Dragunov started off strong with an elbow and a senton. He was in control until Huxley caught him off a bodypress and applied a chin lock. Dragunov came back with hard chops and punches in the corner. He suplexed Huxley into the ring as he was on the apron and then hit a high angle German suplex off a body lock. Alexander Wolfe of Imperium came out at that point to watch the match.

Huxley caught Dragunov off a Konstantin Special attempt and suplexed him and then covered him for a near fall. Dragunov sent Huxley to the outside and then hit a top rope clothesline to the outside. He followed that up with a senton off the top and followed with Torpedo Moskau for the win. Wolfe smiled and applauded him from the aisle when Dragunov noticed him.

At that point, Imperium's music played and Wolfe's smile vanished. Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner came out and it looked like the three men would face off with Dragunov. However, Barthel and Aichner just walked to Dragunov's left and right and went into the ring for their upcoming match.

Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) beat The Hunt (Primate & Wild Boar) (7:54)

Primate and Aichner started and got into a battle of hard hits. Barthel and Wild Boar were in next and The Hunt quickly sent both members of Imperium to ringside. Barthel slammed Boar as Primate went for a dive but got caught by Aichner who slammed him into the stairs and hit the running knee ot the face. Barthel kicked a mud hole into Boar as Aichner took over. They hung Boar upside down in the ropes and hit stereo dropkicks on him from in and outside the ring.

Barthel worked over Boar until he managed to make the hot tag. Primate took out both members of Imperium but the Europeans quickly foiled his plans and Barthel hit an Air Raid Crash for a two count. Primate hit a spear on Aichner as Boar hit a senton into the corner on Barthel. They hit stereo diving headbutts on Aichner.

Barthel pulled him out of the ring and they quickly regrouped, hitting the European Bomb on Primate for the win.

-- Alicia tried to interview Rhea Ripley when Piper Niven came up and asked her about interfering in her match last week. Ripley said she didn't like Niven but could co-exist with her if they could make a tag team match with Jinny and Jazzy Gabert happen. Niven was left speechless.

-- Gallus were shown warming up backstage.

Xia Brookside pinned Nina Samuels (4:06)

Samuels applied a wrist lock but Brookside quickly escaped and applied one of her own. They went back and forth for a bit until Xia got the upper hand and sent Samuels to the outside. Nina came back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then slammed Xia into the corner and went for a cover. Samuels locked in a full nelson and then worked over Xia's back. They traded roll-ups, leading to Xia using her quickness to evade some more offense. Samuels went for a roll up off a whip-in, but Xia countered and sat down on Samuels, hooking the legs for the surprise win.

-- We saw a hype video for A-Kid, promising we would soon see the young Spaniard in action.

-- Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster were shown warming up backstage.

Jordan Devlin in-ring segment

Devlin came out in street clothes. He said many people called him arrogant, but he was here to set the record straight. He said that arrogant meant that he thought that he was better than he was, but he knew he was better than anyone else. He ran down a few names in the back when Dave Mastiff came out. Devlin kept berating him on the mic. As Mastiff grabbed the mic from him, Devlin decked him with a hard right, then tried to it Devlinside him, but could not get him off the mat. Mastiff then came back with a senton and talked down to Devlin who was writhing on the mat in pain.

-- A video recapped the storyline between Noam Dar and Trent Seven from the past couple of weeks.

-- Travis Banks vs. Ligero and Noam Dar vs. Trent Seven were announced for next week.

Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) beat Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster to win the NXT tag team titles (12:30)

The champs hit dropkicks to the challengers right away, sending them to the outside where they followed up with somersault planchas. Andrews then hit a suicide dive on Coffey and tagged in Webster. They sent Wolfgang over the top and then Andrews hit a dropkick off a pounce attempt by Coffey and tagged Webster. They hit their somersault senton/moonsault combo. Wolfgang eventually came back in and evened the odds, attacking Andrews.

Gallus worked over Andrews with Wolfgang ramming him into the corner off his shoulders and Coffey decking him with a hard shot. He took out Webster on the apron and locked in a chinbar as Joe Coffey walked out and watched the match from the entrance. Andrews finally got the hot tag and Webster ran wild, hitting a quebrada on Wolfgang and disposing of Coffey before hitting a dive on Wolfgang.

He hit a somersault dive on both members of Gallus as Joe Coffey frantically paced the aisle. Andrews hit the assisted standing 450 on Coffey. Coffey kicked out and Gallus cae back with a uranage and choke slam on Webster. They hit an assisted slingshot/Samoan Drop followed by a moonsault by Wolfgang but Andrews made the save, nicking the referee in the head in the process. Andrews hit a barrage of strikes on both men, then tagged out. Webster hit Wolfgang with a knee to the jaw and a head butt, but Wolfgang came back with a double clothesline and collapsed as Joe Coffey continued to look on.

Both teams regrouped in their corners until they clashed again. Andrews turned a slingshot into the Stunt Dog Millionaire and then proceeded to kill Wolfgang with a knee assisted poison rana, followed by a somersault senton by Webster on Coffey for a near fall. On the outside, Wolfgang launched Andrews horizontally into the ring post as Webster (in the ring) went for a Welsh Dragon which missed.

Wolfgang hit the Glasgow Sendoff, followed by their enzuigir/powerslam finish for the pin, win, and title change. Joe Coffey entered the ring and Gallus shook hands and posed as the show went off the air.

Next week:

Travis Banks faces off with Ligero while Noam Dar and Trent Seven continue their ongoing feud with another match.