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NXT UK results: Battle royal for future Women's title shot


Taped June 14, 2019 at Download Festival in Donington Park in Leicestershire, England

Quick Recap -- 

Kassius Ohno defeated Kenny Williams in his quest to proof that he is the best at British-style wrestling. Imperium talked about their dominance and were interrupted by Travis Banks, who said he would face WALTER next week.

Gallus defeated The Hunt, then proceeded to beat up their opponents post-match three-on-two. Dave Mastiff came out to even the odds, sending Gallus packing.

Kay Lee Ray won a battle royal in the main event, last eliminating Xia Brookside to earn a future shot at the NXT UK Women's Championship.

Full Rundown --

- The show opened with a recap of last week's Imperium vs. British Strong Style match and the NXT UK debut of Alexander Wolfe as the newest member of Imperium.

- Vic Joseph was joined by Aiden English on commentary with Nigel McGuinness not having made the trip to Download Festival.

Kassius Ohno pinned Kenny Williams after a rolling elbow (7:24)

Ohno was wearing a "Wrestling Genius" T-shirt on his way to the ring. He worked the arm early on and had Williams in some trouble, as he couldn't escape an armbar for some time until he managed to jump up on Ohno, lock in a headscissors, and force him to the ropes for a break.

Williams got the upper hand with some unique offense, using his speed and athleticism, but Ohno used dirty tricks to get back in control. Ohno hit a Finlay Roll, crushing Williams beneath him.

Williams came back and managed to roll-up Ohno for a near fall, then followed up with a running kick, a dropkick through the ropes, and a dive to the outside onto Ohno. After some more offense, Ohno stopped Williams off a springboard move by crashing into him, then hit the rolling elbow to the back of the head for the pin and the victory.

As Ohno celebrated on the ramp, Imperium's music hit and he quickly went to the back as the fearsome foursome came out and posed, then walked to the ring as the show cut to a break.

Imperium in-ring segment

Marcel Barthel started out talking but was interrupted by massive booing. He needed a few attempts to start speaking: "Apparently you people think we are here to entertain you. I can assure you, we are not. We stand on that mat that is so sacred to us, to restore the honor of our sport." At that point, "We want wrestling" chants broke out.

Fabian Aichner continued: "As you saw last week, our numbers have increased. Our union is now complete. You will respect our values. NXT UK, you will obey." There were chants for Pete Dunne at this point.

Alexander Wolfe then explained why he joined Imperium: "When I saw the opportunity, the opportunity to join Imperium, I had no doubt at all. It felt right to join Imperium, it felt right because this unit treats professional wrestling with respect. NXT UK, this brand is not a playground. And we will, we will protect the legacy of this sport." There were some chants for SAnitY.

WALTER then spoke and said: "Talking about kids on the playground: Travis Banks. You may have a WWE United Kingdom Championship opportunity, but things will be done the way we want them to be done. And because of this, Johnny Saint made the title match for next week. And look at this group of men standing with me in that ring, we already chased Pete Dunne away. And Travis, people say you're a brave young man, but in reality you're a fool if you think you stand a chance against me. We are Imperium and this mat is sacred."

Banks then came out and told WALTER that he had no problem with facing him next week and promised WALTER that he'd have to bring everything he's got.

- Noam Dar was asked about his behavior. He spotted Kenny Williams on his way to the dressing room and offered to take him under his wing.

Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) defeated The Hunt (Wild Board & Primate) when Wolfgang pinned Primate after a powerslam/head kick combination (6:15)

They started out hot, brawling all around ringside with The Hunt being the clear aggressors. Wild Boar hit a series of sentons and kept beating on Mark Coffey. Coffey managed to break free with a punch, then Wolfgang beat down Boar and cranked his neck.

Gallus worked well together, tagging in and out and wearing Wild Boar down. Boar finally managed to run Gallus into one another and made the hot tag to Primate, who ran wild with suplexes and back body drops. Primate was sent to ringside by Wolfgang on a charging attempt. Gallus then neutralized Wild Boar at ringside and put Primate away with a powerslam/head kick combination.

Joe Coffey came out after the match and posed with his Gallus mates in the ring. They then picked up Wild Boar, and Joe struck him down with his lariat and Gallus kept beating down The Hunt until Dave Mastiff's music hit and he came out to make the save, sending the heels scattering as he entered the ring.

- Moustache Mountain were interviewed by Radzi Chinyanganya, who informed them they would face The Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXT UK Tag Team titles in two weeks time. Moustache Mountain talked about having their hands full with Imperium, but Trent Seven vowed that the title match would be their primary focus.

Kay Lee Ray won the battle royal to receive a future shot at the NXT UK Women's Championship (8:40)

The battle royal included Xia Brookside, Jinny, Jazzy Gabert, Kay Lee Ray, Isla Dawn, Candy Floss, Piper Niven, Killer Kelly, Nina Samuels, Rhea Ripley, Rhio, and Kanji.

Kelly briefly looked to eliminate Niven but failed. Gabert eliminated Rhio and Kanji in quick succession, then focussed on Candy Floss, hitting her with the Dominator. Jinny stopped Gabert from eliminating Candy Floss and threw her out herself. Kay Lee Ray was thrown out through the ropes but was not eliminated.

Niven picked up Gabert in a fireman's carry and put her on the apron. Niven hit a headbutt, but Gabert held on. Brookside then hit a baseball slide on Gabert's legs, eliminating her.

Isla Dawn and Brookside then took turns at Jinny, and Niven squashed her in the corner, leading to Dawn and Brookside throwing her over the top, but Gabert managed to grab her and carried her back to the apron on the other side of the ring. Seconds later, Brookside eliminated Jinny anyway.

At that point, Kelly and Brookside, Niven and Samuels, and Ripley and Dawn paired off. Seconds later, Kelly and Ripley got into it and Ripley eliminated Kelly. Niven tried throwing Samuels out, but she managed to hold onto the ropes for dear life.

Ripley rammed Brookside into the corner, then stomped a mudhole into her as she hung in the corner in a tree of woe. Ripley then eliminated Dawn, while Niven tossed out Samuels.

Ripley and Niven finally squared off while Brookside was still hanging in the corner. They traded shots, with Niven getting the upper hand with a headbutt and then hitting a somersault senton into the corner. Niven climbed to the ropes. Ripley managed to get her on the apron but got caught on a running kick attempt. Brookside hit a running dropkick on Ripley, who teetered to the floor, but pulled Niven down by the hair with her.

Brookside thought she had won, but Kay Lee Ray quickly entered the ring again. KLR struck down Brookside with a clothesline and eliminated her, winning the battle royal and earning a future NXT UK Women's title shot at a point in time of her choosing.

Next Week --

WALTER defends the WWE UK Championship against Travis Banks.