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NXT UK results: Coffey vs. Ligero, TakeOver: Blackpool announced


Episode 19 (taped November 24, 2018 at the Liverpool Olympia in Liverpool, England)

Quick recap --

NXT TakeOver UK was announced for January 12 in Blackpool, and Toni Storm made her intentions clear to challenge for the NXT UK Women's Championship on that show.

Jordan Devlin defeated Kenny Williams in a good, fast-paced match, then cryptically called out an opponent but wouldn't say who he was talking about. Eddie Dennis won by disqualification over Dan Moloney when Dave Mastiff attacked him, keeping their program alive.

Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone beat Jack Starz & Tucker in a quick match. In the main event, Joe Coffey defeated Ligero in another good match, trying to prove that NXT UK was indeed his kingdom.

Full rundown --

- Sid Scala was in the ring, welcomed the crowd to Liverpool, and introduced NXT UK general manager Johnny Saint. They announced NXT TakeOver UK: Blackpool for January 12, 2019. This prompted Toni Storm to come out. She said she was proud to be part of this brand and had been living in Liverpool for the past five years.

Storm said she went to Evolution and won the Mae Young Classic. This meant she got a championship opportunity of her choosing and wanted to challenge for the NXT UK Women's Championship at TakeOver: Blackpool. Saint's reply was "Toni Storm: you got it." Storm proclaimed that the title would be hers and said it was "Toni Time."

- Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness were in studio, talking some more about TakeOver and then announced that we would bear witness to Zack Gibson's "Guide to Liverpool" later, plus our main event -- Joe Coffey vs. Ligero.

Jordan Devlin defeated Kenny Williams in 5:20 after Ireland's Call

Amir Jordan was out with Williams. Devlin and Williams started out with a test of strength that Williams turned into a monkey flip, then sent Devlin to the outside. He followed up with a springboard back elbow from the second turnbuckle that hit Devlin on the apron. Williams hit a double kick through the ropes, but Devlin caught him, pulled him through, and slammed him on the apron.

Back in the ring, Devlin hit a high-angle backbreaker for a two count. Devlin applied a double-arm stretcher submission that Williams eventually rolled through on. Devlin hit his uranage/moonsault combo, but Williams pulled his knees up and cradled him for a near fall.

Williams came back with some strikes and a running boot that sent Devlin to ringside, then hit a suicide dive to the outside and into the ramp. He dropkicked Devlin -- who was stuck in the ropes with his upper body -- and rolled him up for a two count, then followed with a kick for another two count. Devlin caught Williams on a wheelbarrow roll-through and hit a half nelson snap suplex right on his neck.

Devlin clobbered Williams to the back of the neck, then hit his pull-up backdrop driver. He followed up with Ireland's Call for the victory.

- Radzi Chinyanganya tried to interview Devlin after the match, but Devlin sent him to the corner and cut his own promo. He said every week he gets his hand raised and a whole country celebrates with him. He said his next opponent would find out never to bet against the Irish Ace.

Joseph and McGuinness were clueless as to who Devlin was referring to.

- A video promoted the arrival of Marcel Barthel in NXT UK on the next episode.

- Radzi was backstage, trying to get a word with Scala and Saint. They were interrupted by Rhea Ripley. She said she would decide who she defends her title against at TakeOver, but next week she wants to defend her title as well. Ripley said they better find her a proper opponent.

Scala and Saint briefly conferred. While Ripley asked Radzi if he had a question for the champ, the GM and his assistant returned from their office and announced Ripley would meet Deonna Purrazzo next week. Ripley said that she still did not like Scala. Saint just looked at Scala and said "Well, what can you do." Johnny Saint is the best.

Eddie Dennis defeated Dan Moloney by DQ in 1:14 when Dave Mastiff attacked Dennis at ringside

During Dennis' entrance, we saw him take out Dave Mastiff last week. Moloney started strong, hitting a float-over suplex and a few shoulder tackles, but Dennis quickly regained control with a judo-style hip toss and throwing Moloney to ringside. Moloney tried for a few chops, but he got knocked down by a  big forearm, followed by a Black Hole Slam onto the apron.

At that point, Mastiff ran out and attacked Dennis, causing a disqualification loss for Moloney.

Mastiff threw Dennis back in the ring and hit a release German suplex, then tried to hit his cannonball into the corner, but Dennis rolled out of the ring. Mastiff then struck down Moloney with a forearm and hit the cannonball on him.

- Scala and Saint were backstage with Ligero. Gallus walked up to them and Joe Coffey said he's going to put Ligero into the hospital. Coffey said NXT UK was his kingdom and Ligero was just a stepping stone. Scala said the three of them should not get any ideas, as Mark Coffey & Wolfgang will face Moustache Mountain in two weeks in the NXT UK Tag Team title tournament semifinals.

Saint then dismissed Gallus, with Coffey getting in his face and repeating that it was his kingdom. Ligero said he would not be just a stepping stone.

- A graphic announced Zack Gibson's guide to Liverpool was next.

- Gibson and James Drake were walking the streets of Liverpool and Gibson showed him around. They went to the harbor. Gibson said that the city had been built on the shoulders of hard-working men, working class men and women not afraid to get their hands dirty. He said this city has been overrun with entitled leeches who are prepared to take and take. As soon as Gibson received an ounce of success, the city turned his back on him and was jealous.

Gibson said he was bigger than any legend and if he ever left the city, it would crumble. He told Drake they would win the NXT UK Tag Team titles, as Liverpool needs Zack Gibson more than he needs Liverpool. A graphic announced Gibson & Drake in action next week.

Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone defeated Jack Starz & Tucker in 2:41 after a knee by Huxley and a right hand by T-Bone on Starz

T-Bone chucked Starz across the ring right away. Starz escaped a fallaway slam and tagged out, then the faces hit a double dropkick on T-Bone. T-Bone immediately regained control and threw Tucker into the air. "The Ultrasonic Inspector" Saxon Huxley then was tagged in and they hit a double chokeslam on Tucker.

Tucker rolled through on a back suplex attempt for a quick roll-up, but Huxley plucked him out of mid-air on a crossbody attempt with a knee to the body. Tucker escaped another attack and tagged out to Starz, who hit a crossbody on Huxley from the top rope but didn't notice T-Bone had been tagged in as well. T-Bone hit him with a running crossbody then laid out Tucker.

Huxley hit Starz with a knee -- followed by a right fist from T-Bone for the victory.

- Radzi was backstage with Isla Dawn. She said it didn't feel good that it wasn't her time but she would do what she always does: rise up, dust off the ashes, and follow her path, which will be the NXT UK Women's Championship. She was interrupted by Jinny -- who said no one cares about Dawn's path. She went out there and lost her title match. If Jinny was in her position, she would have walked out the champion. And that is the difference between a witch and a queen.

- A video promoted the post-TakeOver NXT UK tapings in Blackpool on January 13.

- A graphic aired for the Rhea Ripley/Deonna Purrazzo match scheduled for the next episode.

Joe Coffey defeated Ligero in 10:08 after hitting All the Best for the Bells

They locked up, leading to a clean break against the ropes by Coffey. Ligero went down off a shoulder block but rolled out of the way of a number of stomps, then rolled up in a ball, much like Johnny Saint or Daniel Bryan would do at times. He went for a hurricanrana, but Coffey picked him up for a powerbomb.

Ligero rolled through but couldn't get a pin. Coffey went for a Boston crab, but Ligero pulled himself up, ran into the corner, and hit a hurricanrana. They countered back and forth outside the ring until Coffey speared him into the barricades, then rammed his back into the apron.

Back in the ring, the crowd chanted for Ligero. Coffey locked in a full nelson, transitioned into a butterfly hold, spun Ligero around a few times, and hit an overhead butterfly suplex for a two count. Coffey dead-lifted Ligero into a vertical suplex, but Ligero escaped by hitting a few knees. Coffey went for it again, but once more, Ligero escaped. Coffey went for his spear again, but Ligero jumped over him and then hit a somersault plancha to the outside.

Ligero went to the top rope back in the ring, then hit a somersault block on Coffey. Coffey briefly came back, but Ligero hit a rope-assisted Sliced Bread Number 2 for a near fall. Coffey hit a European uppercut, a spear to the back, a corner splash to the back, and a powerslam for another very close near fall. Coffey tried a dead-lift German, but Ligero elbowed his way out.

Ligero tried to throw Coffey out, but he got grabbed by the mask and driven into the turnbuckle. Coffey went to the top, but Ligero intercepted him and went for a top rope hurricanrana. Coffey caught him in mid-move and jumped off the second turnbuckle while simultaneously lifting Ligero up, which looked very impressive. Coffey powerbombed him and locked in a Boston crab, but Ligero made the ropes.

Ligero hit a number of big boots and a wheelbarrow roll-up for a near fall. He went for his springboard tornado DDT finisher, but Coffey caught him with All the Best for the Bells (his discus lariat) in mid-air for the victory.

Next episode --

Rhea Ripley defends her NXT UK Women's Championship against Deonna Purrazzo. Plus, Marcel Barthel makes his NXT UK debut.