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NXT UK results: Gallus vs. The Hunt & Dave Mastiff


Quick Results --

Ilja Dragunov quickly defeated Ashton Smith. NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm defeated Candy Floss in a non-title face vs. face match, then Kay Lee Ray made her presence felt. Trent Seven said Tyler Bate was in the hospital and challenged WALTER.

In the main event, Gallus defeated The Hunt & Dave Mastiff

Full Rundown --

The show opened with a recap from last week's Grizzle Young Veterans vs. Moustache Mountain match and Imperium interfering. Still shots showed the aftermath of Tyler Bate & Trent Seven getting taken to the back.

Ilja Dragunov defeated Ashton Smith with Torpedo Moscow (4:42)

Smith used a headlock early, but Dragunov escaped and hit a crossbody on a charging Smith. Dragunov followed up with a senton. Smith worked over Dragunov's legs, but he didn't have much success.

Aiden English said "Unbesiegbar" was Russian for invincible, but it's German for invincible. Dragunov hit a Gotch-style powerbomb. Smith came back with a fisherman's suplex, but Dragunov hit a dropkick, then the Konstantin Special and Torpedo Moscow for the win.

- A graphic plugged the six-man tag main event.

- A video recap of Xia Brookside's history with Jazzy Gabert and Jinny aired. Radzi Chinyanganya interviewed Brookside about their history. She said she'd face Jinny next week.

- Nina Samuels did a skit where she interviewed fans at Download Festival. One said Samuels was his favorite.

Non-title match: NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm defeated Candy Floss with Storm Zero (5:55)

Storm outwrestled Candy Floss early. They one-upped each other with poses on the mat, then Candy Floss tried a quick pin. Storm showed approval for Candy Floss when she went for another one.

Candy Floss worked Storm's arm and shoulder, but she got taken out with a kick. There was more offense from Candy Floss, but Storm hit a clothesline and Storm Zero for the win.

As Candy Floss walked to the back, Kay Lee Ray came out and attacked her. Storm came to her aid and KLR left.

- Another Ligero promo video aired, focusing on him losing his latest matches.

Trent Seven speaks

Seven talked solemnly and said usually he doesn't speak alone. He said Bate was hospitalized and injured, but Seven's here and always has been. He said this was built on British Strong Style.

Seven said Imperium claimed the mat was sacred -- but "this is our mat." He said he'd cut the head off the snake and was coming for WALTER, and it would be for Pete Dunne, Bate, and the Trent Seven Army. He got intense and started screaming "this will be for us!"

- Mark Andrews accepted Kassius Ohno's call-out, saying he had been a "Hero" of his. They'll face off next week.

Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) defeated Dave Mastiff & The Hunt (Primate & Wild Boar) when Joe Coffey pinned Wild Boar after a lariat (12:25)

All six guys brawled right at the bell, with Gallus being beaten to ringside. The Hunt worked over Mark Coffey with some unique offense until he tagged in Wolfgang. The heels isolated Primate and Joe Coffey put him in a submission.

Primate finally tagged Wild Boar, who ran roughshod on Mark Coffey. Mark hit a chokeslam and tagged Wolfgang. Boar was the face in peril for a while and got beaten up. He finally tagged Mastiff, who beat up Gallus on his own, including hitting a big German suplex on Mark and an overhead suplex on Joe.

Mastiff hit a Finlay roll with Mark onto Wolfgang. Joe turned things around for a bit, but Mastiff took back over. He hit the somersault senton onto Mark in the corner as The Hunt hit stereo dives to the outside.

Primate hit a top rope splash on Joe, but he wasn't the legal man. Wolfgang rolled Boar back inside -- and Joe hit his rolling lariat for the win.

Next Week --

Mark Andrews faces Kassius Ohno.