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NXT UK results: Grizzled Young Veterans get their Tag title rematch


Taped at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, Wales on September 1, 2019

Quick results --

Imperium opened the show with a promo, proclaiming their dominance, then Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner quickly disposed of two enhancement wrestlers (Danny Jones & Harry Green).

Jordan Devlin defeated Ashton Smith in a very good match that showcased Smith's strength and explosiveness.

Tegan Nox returned to television for the first time since her injury in August of 2018 and made her NXT UK debut, quickly squashing Shax in under 30 seconds. Kay Lee Ray then berated her after the match and a challenge was issued by Nox.

Noam Dar held a press conference, celebrating himself and drawing the ire of Trent Seven. A British Rounds match between Kassius Ohno and Sid Scala also was announced for next week.

In the main event, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster successfully defended their newly won NXT UK Tag Team titles against former champions The Grizzled Young Veterans. The match was good and very entertaining but a level or two beneath the three-way at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff.

Full rundown --

All four members of Imperium came out to start the show. The crowd chanted "You still suck" and then sang "Tyler Bate" at them as Marcel Barthel grabbed the mic and stated: "Our arrival in NXT UK was necessary. Your champions -- just like your nation -- is a symbol of weakness. You may not comprehend why you need us, but you will learn, accept, and respect our rules, our teachings, and our way of life."

Alexander Wolfe followed by saying: "Imperium are here to protect the honor of the mat and we are here to protect the honor of our sport. And if you're not willing, and if you reject, you will endure pain, you will experience suffering. You will fall."

WALTER then concluded with a promo of his own: "At NXT UK TakeOver in Cardiff, I disposed of Tyler Bate. We disposed of British Strong Style. There's no one left to step up to this group of supreme athletes. You all need to accept that we are your future. I am your WWE United Kingdom Champion. This is the era of Imperium."

Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) defeated Danny Jones & Harry Green after hitting a European Bomb (3:23)

Jones, 23 started wrestling about six years ago and is a regular with ATTACK! and Dragon Pro Wrestling in Wales and Pro Wrestling Chaos in Bristol. He also did a tour with All Japan Pro Wrestling back in 2017.

Green, who also wrestles as Beano, mostly worked for the same promotions and started in 2016. He was trained at the Dragon Pro Wrestling Academy by the likes of Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster, and Wild Boar. 

Barthel and Aichner immediately attacked the two youngsters before the bell and the referee had to check on them to start the match. Barthel beat on Jones and slapped him hard, sending him staggering to the corner, where Barthel followed with an uppercut, a double underhook suplex, and a running kick.

Aichner followed up with a couple of backbreakers, then threw Jones to his corner so he could tag in Green. Green briefly fought back, but he quickly found himself in a wheelbarrow position by Barthel and ate a DDT off the second turnbuckle from Aichner. Barthel and Aichner then quickly finished off Green with the European Bomb.

After the match, Wolfe and WALTER destroyed Jones some more, with Wolfe holding him up and WALTER taking his head off with a lariat.

- A video recapped Kassius Ohno beating Sid Scala last week. Scala then stated that Ohno was somewhat underhanded in the match. Scala said Johnny Saint ordered them to have a rematch and next week they would do just that. It will be a British Rounds match, the first in NXT UK history.

- A breaking news graphic announced that Noam Dar would hold a press conference tonight.

Jordan Devlin defeated Ashton Smith after hitting Devlinside (5:34)

They fought for position, with Devlin flipping out of a wristlock, then slapping Smith, who fired up and fought back. He lifted Devlin off the mat, then hit a dropkick that sent Devlin to the apron.

Devlin came back by snapping the top rope into Smith's face, then worked him over with strikes and forearms. Devlin locked in a kneeling abdominal stretch and hit his uranage/standing moonsault, but Smith got his knees up.

Smith followed with a running dropkick and a rolling fireman's carry slam. He then caught a body press by Devlin and turned it into a vertical suplex, showcasing his strength.

Devlin then escaped a slam with a knee to the face, evaded a charge, and hit a springboard cutter for a near fall. He went for a moonsault, but Smith superkicked him out of mid-air.

As Smith ran the ropes, Devlin caught him with a standing Spanish Fly, then hit a few Kawada kicks and pulled Smith up and into Devlinside for the victory. Smith looked pretty impressive here.

- Radzi Chinyanganya was looking to talk to Toni Storm backstage, but she was nowhere to be found. As he threw the segment back to the commentators, Nina Samuels walked up and took the spotlight. She said TakeOver: Cardiff was almost two weeks in the past and The Nina Samuels Show was the future.

- A graphic announced Tegan Nox's NXT UK debut would be next.

- A video segment previewed next week's Ohno vs. Scala British Rounds match. Nigel McGuinness, William Regal, Robbie Brookside, and Johnny Saint talked about the history and heritage of the sort of match we would be seeing and also ran down the rules for the match.

Tegan Nox pinned Shax after hitting a shining wizard (0:28)

Nox tried to shake Shax's hand but received a slap instead. She then quickly won with a fallaway slam and a shining wizard in just under 30 seconds.

After the match, Kay Lee Ray walked out and ran down Nox, then talked about how she had won the NXT UK Women's Championship at TakeOver. But after the match, nobody wanted to talk about KLR and all people wanted to talk about was Nox.

KLR said she would do to Nox what she did to Toni Storm if Nox stood in her spotlight. Nox then replied that if KLR wants to fight, she would fight her anytime, anywhere.

Noam Dar press conference

Dar basically called a press conference to talk about how he is the greatest wrestler in NXT UK. The journalists couldn't believe it and Dar started throwing them out when somebody asked about the Tag Team title match at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff.

Trent Seven was then shown talking on the phone in the background and made fun of Dar. He presumably talked to Drake Maverick on the phone and said he knows Maverick didn't want Dar on 205 Live, but they don't want him here either and begged him to take Dar back. Dar then stormed off.

- A video recapped the Dave Mastiff vs. Joe Coffey last man standing match from TakeOver: Cardiff. They said both men still were out with injuries.

NXT UK Tag Team title match: Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster retained against The Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) when Andrews pinned Drake after hitting a Shooting Star Press (12:39)

Gibson and Andrews started things off, with Andrews using his athleticism to get Gibson to the mat, but he quickly turned things around and tagged Drake. Andrews hit a number of arm drags, then tagged out to Webster. Webster and Andrews quickly tagged in and out and hit the standing moonsault/somersault senton on Drake.

The Grizzled Young Veterans then quickly came back, including Drake hitting a step-up kick on Webster on the apron. They hit some unique double-team moves on Andrews as Webster tried interfering to no avail. Andrews ended up on the outside and found himself of the receiving end of a shoulder breaker, assisted by Drake launching himself over the top.

Drake and Gibson then took turns working over Andrews' shoulder. Andrews at one point managed to hit the Stun Dog Millionaire and make the tag to Webster, who ran wild on Drake.

Webster hit a dive on Gibson, then hit a double underhook facebuster on Drake for a near fall. Gibson came in off a distraction but quickly was foiled, with Andrews hitting an assisted 450 for another near fall.

The Grizzled Young Veterans came back, hitting a Doomsday Device on Webster for another near fall as Andrews made the save. A quick tag later, Andrews hit a top rope reverse rana on Drake, who narrowly managed to kick out of the pin.

Drake attacked Andrews' shoulder and tagged in Gibson, who worked over the shoulder some more. Andrews tried hitting Stun Dog Millionaire, but he couldn't get a hold on Gibson, who locked in the Shankly Gates. As Andrews was close to tapping out, Webster came off the top with a somersault senton to break the hold.

Andrews tagged out and Webster hit a moonsault on Gibson. The Grizzled Young Veterans went for Ticket to Mayhem, but Andrews pulled Gibson out of the ring. Webster rolled through on Drake for another two count.

Webster missed a springboard dropkick and found himself in position for Helter Skelter. Webster evaded and managed to pull Gibson into a superkick by Drake. Webster slammed Drake, then Andrews hit a Shooting Star Press off the top to retain.

Next week --

Sid Scala takes on Kassius Ohno in a British Rounds match.