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NXT UK results: Joe Coffey vs. Dave Mastiff


Taped July 19 at Plymouth Pavilions in Plymouth, England

Quick recap --

Noam Dar defeated Ashton Smith in a fun opener, but not before getting a taste of his own medicine of playing possum. Dar then said he'd be at TakeOver, which Travis Banks later questioned.

The Grizzled Young Veterans were challenged by both Gallus and Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster, with no clear direction being given. Andrews & Webster later talked to Johnny Saint and were given a chance to proof themselves over the next few weeks.

Jinny & Jazzy Gabert defeated Xia Brookside & Piper Niven after Rhea Ripley came down and brawled to the back with Niven, leaving Brookside to become an easy victim.

In the main event, Joe Coffey and Dave Mastiff had a battle that led to both men being counted out.

Full rundown --

- The show opened with WWE's very nice Harley Race tribute video.

Noam Dar pinned Ashton Smith after hitting the Nova Roller (5:43)

They went back and forth to start. Smith tried a kip-up but briefly got caught in an arm lock. Dar kept the pressure on with some unfair tactics, but Smith hit a nice dropkick coming off the ropes. Dar pretended he had been caught in the eye, then used the distraction to send Smith to the outside.

Dar took back over with some pinning combinations and submissions on the mat until Smith finally hit him with a stiff clothesline, a knee in the corner, and a flying leg kick. Dar came back and set up for the Nova Roller, but this time Smith played possum and cradled Dar for a near fall. Smith missed a leg lariat off the top and Dar finally hit the Nova Roller for the win.

Radzi Chinyanganya interviewed Dar post-match. Dar said he signed with NXT UK because he got benefits -- such as being a star player at all the big games. Dar announced that he'd be at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff.

- Tyler Bate was interviewed coming out of the trainer's room. He said while Trent Seven may not be back at full health yet, he's at 100 percent and he won't allow WALTER to disrespect the WWE UK title any longer. Bate vowed to become the first two-time champion.

Grizzled Young Veterans in-ring segment

Zack Gibson said that a little bird told him Gallus were campaigning for a title match in Cardiff. He said Gallus had been impressive. But while the Grizzled Young Veterans beat the best teams in the world, Gallus hadn't beaten anyone.

Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) came out and said they were not campaigning -- they were taking a title shot. At that point, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster came out.

Andrews said they also wanted a title match and would not sit on the sidelines in their home town of Cardiff. As they argued, Gibson announced that Johnny Saint makes the matches and whatever happens, the titles would stay "grizzled."

- A video aired where various talent talked about what NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff meant to them and what they wished to accomplish by participating in the event.

- Radzi caught Travis Banks coming out of Johnny Saint's office just as Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster went in. Banks said he talked to Saint -- and Noam Dar's spot at TakeOver was not guaranteed. Banks said Dar would have to earn it just like everyone else.

Radzi then talked to Andrews & Webster, who said Saint told them they'd have to prove themselves over the next few weeks to earn a shot at the Grizzled Young Veterans.

Jazzy Gabert & Jinny defeated Piper Niven & Xia Brookside when Gabert pinned Brookside after a Dominator (9:39)

Brookside and Jinny started the match, with Brookside immediately flooring her with a dropkick. The faces quickly tagged in and out, but Jinny managed to hit a hurricanrana on Brookside, sending her into Gabert's corner.

Gabert came in and threw Brookside around a bit, then tagged back out so Jinny could take back over. Brookside managed to tag out to Niven, who steamrolled Jinny, then caught another hurricanrana attempt and powerbombed Jinny into the corner.

Jinny tagged out and Gabert and Niven faced off. Niven got the better of the exchange and hit a running crossbody on a sitting Gabert. She tagged Brookside and threw her on top of Gabert. Brookside went for a spinning headscissors, but Gabert easily caught her and hit a side slam before tagging out again.

At that point, Rhea Ripley came out and distracted Brookside, prompting Niven to attack her. Niven and Ripley brawled all the way to the back, leaving Brookside alone with the opposing team.

Jinny landed a head kick on Brookside for a near fall. Brookside came back with a backstabber on the arm, then realized her partner was gone.

Brookside hit a spinning headscissors and Broken Wings on Jinny, but she couldn't get the pin. Gabert then tagged in without Brookside noticing. Brookside still hit a crossbody on both of her opponents, but she soon fell victim to a Gabert clothesline and finally the Dominator.

- A video on Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray aired, looking at all the matches they had in promotions such as wXw, PROGRESS, and ICW. Storm said she wanted to be like KLR as soon as she first saw her.

KLR once again said no one knew Storm better than her and she'd take the belt off Storm. Storm said the NXT UK Women's title was the most important thing in her life and she has to fight for it because her life depends on it.

- Ilja Dragunov was getting ready to be interviewed backstage in a darkened room. Kassius Ohno came in, turned on the light, and mocked Mr. "Unbesiegbar."

- A graphic announced Dragunov vs. Ohno and Flash Morgan Webster vs. Mark Coffey for next week.

Dave Mastiff vs. Joe Coffey ended in a double countout (7:59)

Both men smashed into each other at the bell, then traded elbows and punches until Mastiff finally hit a hip toss for a cover. Mastiff tried to hit a German suplex and finally succeeded, though Coffey fought tooth and nail to avoid it.

Coffey came back with a running spear into the corner, driving Mastiff into an exposed turnbuckle. Coffey then took over with shots and throwing Mastiff into the corner, then followed up with a backbreaker. Coffey trapped Mastiff's arm and hit him with body shots. Mastiff finally managed to slam Coffey, but Mastiff clearly was hurt.

Mastiff managed to hit another release German suplex, a back body drop, and a big forearm that sent Coffey outside. He hit Coffey in the ear, sending him off his feet before rolling him back into the ring.

Mastiff then locked in a chinlock and rained down elbows to the side of Coffey's head. Mastiff hit a senton for another two count and smashed into Coffey once more.

They fought some more on the apron and Coffey launched himself into Mastiff with a spear, sending Mastiff into the ring post but also sending Coffey down to the floor. They punched each other down one more time and the referee counted both men out.

The rest of Gallus came out to carry Joe away as Mastiff went crazy and shouted at Joe to keep fighting him as the show went off the air.

Next week --

Ilja Dragunov faces Kassius Ohno in the main event. Flash Morgan Webster tries to prove himself against Mark Coffey.