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NXT UK results: Joe Coffey vs. Trent Seven


Episode 15 (taped October 13 at Plymouth Pavilions in Plymouth, England)

Quick summary --

Flash Morgan Webster managed to avenge the loss of his partner Mark Andrews by defeating Fabian Aichner in a good match. Isla Dawn continued her path to challenge for the NXT UK Women's Championship, defeating Killer Kelly and then calling out Rhea Ripley.

As teams are looking to qualify to compete for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship, Zack Gibson & James Drake defeated Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams. In the main event, Joe Coffey managed to beat Trent Seven in another good outing.

Full recap --

- The show opened with a video of Triple H and Johnny Saint introducing the NXT UK Tag Team Championship. It was said that teams had to impress Saint in order to qualify for a tournament.

- In the studio, Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness talked about the upcoming Tag Team titles and Joe Coffey vs. Trent Seven later tonight.

Flash Morgan Webster defeated Fabian Aichner in 9:36 with a bridging pin

We saw a backstage segment with Webster and Mark Andrews. Andrews told his partner to be careful against Aichner tonight. There also was a look back at Aichner discovering his mean streak and throwing Andrews into the ring steps in their match two episodes ago before picking up the victory.

Aichner wanted a hand shake to start the match, but Webster wouldn't fall for it, kicked at his hand, and went for a quick roll-up to start things off. Webster was the smaller man here and evaded some of Aichner's punches, instead managing to get some arm drags in. He pulled down the ropes and Aichner tumbled to the outside.

Webster launched himself over the ropes but missed his attack -- and Aichner threw him into the steps. Andrews came out at that point to support his partner. Aichner almost gained a countout victory, but Webster managed to get back in at eight. Aichner took over with strikes and forearms and attacked Webster from ringside, throwing forearms at his head as he lay on the apron.

Aichner went for a nerve hold, then hit a back suplex as Webster escaped and went back to working over Webster's shoulder some more. Webster managed to evade a back body drop with a kick to the head and evaded a corner charge by Aichner, which sent the man from South Tyrol tumbling over the top in what looked like a mean bump.

Back in the ring, Webster hit three consecutive dropkicks and the Modern Knee for a near fall. Aichner charged at him in the corner again, but Webster hopped the ropes and hit an enzuigiri from the apron, followed by the Rude Boy Block from the corner for a another near fall.

Aichner came back with a brainbuster and screamed at Webster to "stay down," but Webster hit two headbutts and went up top. Aichner rolled to ringside, evading an attack. Webster followed him and got thrown into the barricades. As Aichner went for a running kick into Webster on the steel steps, Andrews stepped in and thwarted the attack.

Aichner rolled Webster back inside and went for a powerbomb, but as he jaw-jacked with Andrews on the outside, Webster took out his legs, rolled over, and got the win with a bridging pin. Aichner was furious in the ring as the babyfaces went to the back.

- Radzi Chinyanganya was backstage with Amir Jordan, who was his smiling and dancing self. He wanted Radzi to dance with him and even put his scarf around his shoulders. Radzi started moving his shoulders as Jordan danced, but Kenny Williams stepped in and told Jordan that there was a time for fun and a time to be serious and told him they had to focus on their upcoming match against Zack Gibson & James Drake. Radzi still was moving his shoulders around and Williams told him he was disappointed in him.

- We took a look at Isla Dawn beating Nina Samuels two episodes ago and were told she would be up next.

- After a WWE Shop commercial, we joined Gallus backstage. Joe Coffey said he'd take out Trent Seven tonight and then focus on Travis Banks, while Wolfgang and Mark Coffey promised to go after the NXT UK Tag Team titles.

Isla Dawn defeated Killer Kelly in 3:16 after a float-over gutwrench into a powerslam

Dawn started things off with leg kicks against Kelly's left thigh, which would become the story of the match. She managed to take Kelly down on a guillotine attempt and put her in a leg lock. Kelly got back up and stuffed another takedown, then hit a suplex into the corner, followed by a running basement dropkick. Kelly then locked in a cravat.

Dawn managed to work her way out of the hold and threw more kicks to Kelly's leg, weakening her base. Kelly started limping and Dawn went for a back drop driver, followed by a running knee, then hit her float-over gutwrench into a powerslam for the victory.

Post-match, Radzi interviewed Dawn in the ring, asking her what was next. Dawn said that her eyes were set on the NXT UK Women's Championship, prompting Rhea Ripley to come out posing with her belt. Dawn challenged her to a match and Ripley seemed to accept. Dawn said that Ripley was so confident, but if she put the title on the line, she would walk out empty handed.

- A graphic promoted Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams vs. Zack Gibson & James Drake next, followed by a TLC commercial.

- Dave Mastiff was interviewed by some anonymous journalists and said that he would focus on the WWE UK Championship. Eddie Dennis walked up and said some journalist was looking to interview the undefeated monster of NXT UK and Dennis figured he had missed the call, but then found out they meant Mastiff. Dennis told him that he was not the only undefeated monster in NXT UK. Mastiff told him to settle things in the ring.

- Joseph and McGuinness were back in studio, talking about that proposed match and the teams in NXT UK.

Zack Gibson & James Drake defeated Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams in 6:52 after hitting a double-team codebreaker

Jordan and Drake started out and Jordan went for a quick roll-up. He hit a running body press early on and tagged in Williams, who hit a flying elbow on Drake's arm. The faces threw the heels out of the ring and hit stereo dives on them, then Jordan followed up with a high crossbody back in the ring.

Drake came back and threw Jordan out of the ring, where Gibson grabbed him and Drake launched himself over the ropes to hit Jordan in the back. Back in the ring, Gibson locked in his sitting Cobra Clutch on Jordan. Jordan managed to escape with a stunner, but couldn't reach Williams as Gibson tagged out.

Jordan eventually made the hot tag and Williams ran wild, hitting a back-spring elbow and a running soccer kick on Drake for a near fall. As Drake hit forearms on Williams in the corner, Jordan tagged back in and hit an STO on Drake. Williams then tagged back in. Gibson came in and threw Jordan outside and followed him, but Williams managed to hit a wrecking ball dropkick on him through the ropes.

As Williams skinned the cat back inside, Drake picked him up into a tombstone position, then threw him into Gibson who hit a codebreaker for the win.

- Moustache Mountain were backstage as Trent Seven warmed up for his match.

Joe Coffey defeated Trent Seven in 15:02 after a spinning lariat

Coffey proclaimed that this was "their kingdom" as he came out. He and Seven locked up and jockeyed for position, with Coffey breaking clean on Seven touching the ropes before taking him down and working the arm. Seven escaped and hit a suplex, but in the process, tweaked his injured knee, which Coffey gleefully noticed.

Seven hit a DDT, but Coffey grabbed him by the moustache and threw him outside. The rest of Gallus stepped up, but Bate also stepped in to keep them from attacking his partner. Coffey used this to jump into Seven's back with a stomp from the apron. They went back in, but Coffey ended up on the apron again and Seven chopped him to ringside.

As Gallus stepped up on the apron, Bate got in the ring and Moustache Mountain attacked Gallus, with Bate hitting a dropkick. The faces then hit stereo dives on the heels to the outside. Bate brawled to the back with Wolfgang and Mark Coffey.

Seven hit another plancha on Coffey, then hit more chops back in the ring. Coffey clipped his knee to turn things around and worked over the injured leg. He missed a corner charge and ended up shoulder-first in the ring post, allowing Seven to actually get him up top for a superplex.

Seven managed to hit a snap dragon and another suplex for a near fall, then locked in a figure four on Coffey. Coffey escaped and they ended up on the apron, where Coffey hit a vicious belly-to-belly suplex on Seven onto the floor. Seven narrowly made it back into the ring at 9.5.

Coffey hit a powerbomb, then picked Seven up for another one and locked in the Boston crab, transitioning to a single-leg on Seven's knee before the injured babyface managed to reach the ropes.

They ran into each other with a double clothesline and traded Strikes. Seven managed another snap dragon suplex on one leg, but couldn't get Coffey up on what probably was a Burning Hammer attempt. Coffey managed to hit a deadlift German suplex, a spear into the corner, and a spinning lariat to pick up the victory. He celebrated as the show went off the air.

Next episode:

Dave Mastiff meets Eddie Dennis and the NXT UK tag team roster will continue to qualify for the Tag Team title tournament.