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NXT UK results: Ohno vs. Scala British Rounds match


The following was taped at Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, Wales on September 1.

**Quick results**

- Travis Banks beat Tyson T-Bone in a hard fought battle, taking the first step to redeem his TakeOver loss against Noam Dar.

- Rhea Ripley quickly squashed Debbie Keitel and then got confronted by Jinny and Jazzy Gabert as she cut a promo on wanting the women's title back.

- In another short match, Joseph Conners beat Kenny Williams.

- Kassius Ohno beat Sid Scala in a British Rounds rules match one fall to zero after the six rounds were up.

**Show recap**

The show opened with a recap of the Ohno/Scala match from two weeks ago and the setup for tonight's rematch under British Rounds rules.

Travis Banks pinned Tyson T-Bone (4:38)

They locked up and Banks immediately turned the tables on a corner attack by T-Bone and aggressively beat him down. He followed with three clotheslines and a running basement dropkick into the corner. T-Bone came back with a hard punch, slam into the corner, and running bodypress. T-Bone hit some body shots that hurt Banks, then hit a bodyslam for a two count.

Banks tried hitting a few kicks to the body, but was hit with a slingshot suplex. He came back with running knees that sent T-Bone to the outside, and then followed with a dive that sent T-Bone up the entrance ramp. Banks hit a springboard double foot stomp from the turnbuckle, but got caught with a half-and-half off an attempt to hit Slice of Heaven. T-Bone worked him over some more, but Banks turned a suplex attempt into a small package for the win.

-- Radzi Chinyanganya was backstage, presumably with an update on the whereabouts of Toni Storm. He had no new info and was immediately interrupted by Gallus in the form of Mark Coffey and Wolfgang who demanded a rematch for the NXT UK tag team titles, stating that they had never been beaten in the three-way match at TakeOver.

Rhea Ripley pinned Debbie Keitel (1:23)

Keitel (from Ireland) started in 2017 and was trained by Emi Sakura and Marty Jones. She wrestled for OTT, RevPro, and Pro Wrestling: EVE, among others, in the past.

Ripley immediately backed Keitel into the corner and then nonchalantly shook off a bodylock attempt and chugged her away with a gut wrench. Keitel slapped Ripley, who struck her down with one blow, hitting Riptide for the quick victory.

After the match, Rhea cut a promo in the ring, She said it was about time she got her NXT UK women's championship back and that nobody could break her mentally or could compete with her physically. This brought out Jinny and Jazzy Gabert. Jinny made fun of Rhea's look, calling it 90s and stating her accomplishments were from the past as well and this was where Ripley belonged. Jinny said she was the future and would be the women's champion. She said in the present though, she had a bigger problem for Ripley to deal with.

Gabert got on the apron and grabbed her by the neck, but Rhea slapped her hand away and hit a head kick which sent Gabert staggering back to the floor. Jinny then pulled Jazzy off and took her backstage.

-- Noam Dar was hiding in the car park with a megaphone and started berating Trent Seven as he entered the building. Seven told him to grow up and Dar continued his antics, leading to them getting into a scuffle which quickly was broken up.

-- Johnny Saint got Scala ready for his match later tonight.

Joseph Conners pinned Kenny Williams (5:12)

Conners beat him down right away and threw him into the corner, following up with a short-arm clothesline for a near fall. Williams came back with body shots, leaped over Conners, and used his momentum coming off the ropes for a roll-up for a near fall of his own. Williams went for a springboard, but Conners hit the ropes, sending Williams crashing to the mat. Conners took back over, showing more of his aggressiveness. He applied a surfboard stretch and berated Williams, calling out to the entire NXT roster to beat him. Williams came back with chin breaker and a sling blade for another two count.

"The Luckyan" followed up with a springboard back elbow and head kick, evading another attempt of Conners to foil his springboard. He hit a springboard back elbow that connected and then went for another roll through cover, but Conners grabbed the bottom rope to break the fall. Conners then thwarted another attack and hit Don't Look Down for the win.

-- A video looked back at Ilja Dragunov's match with Cesaro at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff.

-- A video on Oliver Carter aired. He said his debut didn't go as planned, but he would be back in action next week.

-- We got a taped interview with Kay Lee Ray. She called Teagan Nox a bird with broken wings who was no challenge. A graphic announced a match between the two in two weeks.

Kassius Ohno defeated Sid Scala 1:0 at the end of round six (20:00) in a British Rounds rules match.

The rules for the match were six three minute rounds with 30 second rest periods. To win, you either had to get two pins or submissions or knock out your opponent. If the match went all six rounds, whoever was ahead would be the winner.

They shook hands, but Ohno then kicked Scala's hand off.

Round one (Ohno 0, Scala 0)

Ohno had the early advantage with a headlock takedown, but Scala wrestled his way out of it with a hammerlock. Ohno locked in a cravat and then took Scala down with a snapmare, applying a chin lock. Scala grabbed his own foot to break the hold, taking a page out of Johnny Saint's playbook. Ohno took Scala down, then applied an ankle lock, but Scala worked his way out of the hold and took down Ohno as the round ended.

Round two (Ohno 0, Scala 0)

Scala locked on a cravat, but Ohno reversed out of it. They rolled each other up, but both men escaped before a pin fall could be counted. Ohno forced Scala's hand to the mat, stepped on it and started stretching him, transitioning into a surfboard stretch. Scala escaped and rolled up Ohno just as the round eded. Ohno attacked him after the bell, causing the referee to force the break.

Round three (Ohno 1, Scala 0)

Ohno locked in a side headlock right away and hit palm strikes to Scala's forehead. Scala came back with punches and European uppercuts, but Ohno struck him down with a throat strike. Scala hit three consecutive dropkicks to send Ohno staggering, but Ohno came back with the Rolling Elbow for the first pinfall of the match at 1:29 of the round.

Round four (Ohno 1, Scala 0)

Scala was hardly back on his feet when the 30 second rest period was up. Ohno attacked right away, bodyslamming him to the mat and then locking in another cravat and trash-talking Scala. Scala escaped and hit a headbutt, but ate another hard elbow that sent him right down to the mat. Ohno locked in another cravat that took Scala almost out of the match. Ohno got in a final chop just as the round ended.

Round five (Ohno 1, Scala 0) 

Scala came out aggressive, but Ohno quickly stepped into an abdominal stretch and yanked his neck for good measure. He transitioned into a half straight jacket, but Scala hit a punch to the gut, followed by a flurry of offense. But, he quickly got thrown through the ropes to the apron. Ohno wanted to follow, but the referee forced him back into the ring, allowing Scala to hit a crossbody off the top for a near fall. Ohno hit a senton, but Scala pulled his knees up and then hit a number of running elbows as the round ended.

Round six (Ohno 1, Scala 0)

Scala came out like a house of fire, but Ohno hit a Kamikaze Plunge for a two count. Ohno clamped in another chinlock but Scala managed to force his hands apart, allowing Ohno to hit another hard elbow to the back of the head. Ohno picked Scala up on his shoulders, but Scala managed to roll through for a victory roll for a near fall and then followed with a crucifix for another near fall. Scala then pulled Ohno over for a backslide and had a visual three count, but time expired just as the ref was about to count three.

Next week: 

Oliver Carter will be in action.