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NXT UK results: Pete Dunne addresses his loss to WALTER


Taped at WrestleMania Axxess on April 6

Quick results --

The Coffey Brothers defeated Raul Mendoza & Humberto Carrillo in a fun opener. Dave Mastiff beat Kona Reeves in a battle of big men. Backstage after the match, Wolfgang confronted Mastiff and they came to blows before quickly being separated.

Rhea Ripley defeated Kacy Catanzaro and beat on her some more after the match. As Ripley berated Catanzaro backstage after, Piper Niven once again confronted Ripley.

Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams got an unsatisfying win over NXT UK Tag Team Champions The Grizzled Young Veterans when the champs decided to walk out and take the countout loss.

After the matches, Pete Dunne spoke out and demanded his rematch with new WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER.

Full rundown --

A graphic announced our main event and it was also promised that we'd hear from Pete Dunne in the wake of his loss to WALTER at NXT TakeOver: New York.

The Coffey Brothers (Joe & Mark Coffey) defeated Raul Mendoza & Humberto Carrillo in 5:44 after a lariat

Carrillo showed off his athleticism early on but got pounced into the corner by Joe Coffey after a failed moonsault attempt. The Coffeys took over from there and Joe did his butterfly spin into a butterfly suplex.

Carrillo managed a hot tag and Mendoza ran wild for a bit on both heels. Mendoza and Carrillo hit stereo dives to opposite sides of the ring, taking out both Coffeys. They hit a beautiful moonsault/450 combination on Mark Coffey, but Joe made the save. Seconds later, Joe hit his lariat for the win.

- Kassius Ohno was interviewed backstage by Radzi Chinyanganya. Ohno said he was there to show everyone the authentic European and UK style. He picked on Ligero for taking up to three bookings in a day, saying quality counted above quantity.

- A recap of WALTER vs. Dunne aired with members of the roster giving their opinion. Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner said they had no opinion. Jordan Devlin said he couldn't care less about a rematch between WALTER and Dunne. WALTER walked up to him and they had a brief staredown.

"Bomber" Dave Mastiff defeated Kona Reeves in 4:35 after a cannonball senton

They locked up and Reeves actually pushed Mastiff into the corner. They fought for position for a while and Mastiff finally took him down. Mastiff applied his kneeling abdominal stretch and rained down elbows on Reeves.

Mastiff went for the cannonball into the corner, but Reeves fled to ringside. Reeves actually had Mastiff in a submission, but he escaped, hit a running crossbody and a deadlift German suplex, then a missile dropkick into the corner. Mastiff followed with the cannonball senton into the corner for the win.

- Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster talked about Moustache Mountain.

- Radzi interviewed Mastiff as he went backstage. He was confronted by Wolfgang. They traded words and started shoving each other, but they were broken up before anything could happen.

Rhea Ripley defeated Kacy Catanzaro in 3:19 after hitting Riptide

Catanzaro showed off her athleticism, but Ripley rag-dolled her around. Ripley hit a delayed vertical suplex and held up Catanzaro for a long time. Catanzaro staged a brief comeback. She got caught off a body press but managed to turn it into a small package for a near fall. Ripley then quickly hit the Riptide for the win.

After the match, Ripley got back in the ring, locked Catanzaro in her inverted cloverleaf, and picked her up with the move, which looked impressive.

- Backstage, Ripley further confronted Catanzaro and started berating her, but Piper Niven walked up and Ripley walked off.

- Radzi tried to interview Jinny, but she just stared at him and walked off.

Non-title match: Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams defeated NXT UK Tag Team Champions The Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) in 11:20 by countout

Gibson cut a promo, talking about how The Grizzled Young Veterans were the best tag team anywhere and the NXT UK Tag Team titles would soon be the most important titles in WWE.

Jordan looked good against both champions early on. Williams looked to pick up where his partner left off, but Gibson pulled Drake to safety at ringside. Williams ran wild for a bit but eventually was overwhelmed again by the heels.

Gibson threw Williams into the barriers on the outside, then locked in his sitting Cobra Clutch. Drake tagged in and further worked over Williams. Williams briefly managed to attack Gibson on the apron, who fell to ringside and grabbed at his only recently healed ear. Williams finally made the hot tag and Jordan ran wild on Drake.

Gibson waved Drake off, still grabbing his ear on the outside, but still managed to make the save on a pin attempt by Jordan and Williams. Jordan hit the Swanton Bombay, but Gibson pulled Drake to the outside while he was being covered.

Drake wanted to get back in the ring, but Gibson pulled him away and the champs walked off, taking the countout loss.

Pete Dunne speaks

Dunne said he would not walk away after just one loss. They showed clips of Dunne at various NXT and WWE events over the past two years. Dunne talked about all his successes: winning the WWE UK title, main eventing TakeOver, being on top in NXT, and being in the Royal Rumble and on Raw.

Dunne said he knew what it meant to be a champion and asked WALTER for a rematch.

Next week --

Kassius Ohno will face Ligero, while Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster will take on Tyler Bate & Trent Seven.