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NXT UK results: Piper Niven vs. Jazzy Gabert


Taped at The Brentwood Centre in Brentwood, Essex, England on October 4, 2019

Quick results --

Tom Philips is Nigel McGuinness' new broadcast partner, with Vic Joseph moving on to Raw.

The Hunt defeated Pretty Deadly, but they got called out by Imperium after the match. The Hunt initially had the upper hand in the ensuing brawl, but Alexander Wolfe helped out his Imperium brothers to turn the tides.

Jordan Devlin defeated Jack Starz, then was called out by Dave Mastiff. Devlin backed off, and Mastiff then beat Kenny Williams.

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews addressed the fans and were interrupted by Gallus, who told them they would win the titles next week.

In the main event, Piper Niven defeated Jazzy Gabert. Niven got the win after Rhea Ripley attacked Gabert at ringside when Jinny interfered. Ripley and Niven look to have put their past issues behind them.

Full rundown --

Tom Philips and Nigel McGuinness are our new announce team, as Vic Joseph is now on Raw. Philips was excited to be there and they announced that next week, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster would defend their NXT UK Tag Team titles against Gallus.

The Hunt (Wild Boar & Primate) defeated Pretty Deadly (Lewis Howley & Sam Stoker)

Wild Boar and Howley started off. Boar tripped him up off a whip, then hit a back senton and tagged out Primate, who drove Howley into the canvas and gave him a hard suplex slam. He tagged Wild Boar back in and threw him on top of Howley.

Stoker was tagged in and pounded on Boar, then smashed him into the turnbuckle. Pretty Deadly briefly took over with quick tags and some double-team effort. Howley laid into Primate on the apron, but he got distracted and ate a high-angle German suplex by Wild Boar.

Primate tagged in and ran wild on both members of Pretty Deadly. The Hunt then hit double flying headbutts from the top on Stoker for the win. 

As The Hunt celebrated, Imperium's music played and Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner walked out. Barthel said that all he saw was animals defecating on that mat that was so sacred to them. Primate rushed Barthel and Boar joined in, with them briefly getting the upper hand on Imperium.

The tables were quickly turned when Alexander Wolfe joined his brothers and they beat down The Hunt, sending Boar and Primate head-first into the steel steps. Imperium stood victorious over their victims as their music played again.

- With Jinny looking on, Jazzy Gabert was seen shadow boxing backstage in preparation for her match against Piper Niven later tonight.

- A hype video promised Ilja Dragunov would return on NXT UK next week.

Jordan Devlin defeated Jack Starz

Devlin tripped up Starz right away and kept him in a wristlock, but Starz kipped up and spun out of the hold, then slammed Devlin to the mat. Devlin sent Starz into the ring post shoulder-first and punched him, but got caught in a gorilla press coming off the ropes.

The Irish Ace came back right away, stomping Starz in the corner and hitting a shoulder breaker. Devlin hit the uranage/standing moonsault combo, then smashed his elbow into the top of Starz's head. He hit a high-angle drop, then locked in a top wristlock on Starz and repeatedly stomped him.

Starz fired up and came back with European uppercuts, but got taken out again with a cutter and some Kawada-style kicks. Devlin then hit Devlinside for the win.

Devlin cut a promo after the match, asking how often he had to do this until people realized he was the star of the brand. As he talked himself up against people such as Tyler Bate, Joe Coffey, or WALTER, Dave Mastiff's music played and he walked out.

Devlin rolled out of the ring and wanted none of The Bomber. Mastiff said he was about to have his match right now, but could make time for another match with the so-called greatest superstar of the company. Devlin walked off.

Dave Mastiff defeated Kenny Williams

Mastiff threw Williams halfway across the ring, then easily resisted a whip-in attempt. Williams tried to use his speed, but got caught off a crossbody attempt. He managed to turn it into a crucifix and then hit a springboard back elbow that rattled Mastiff.

The Bomber still launched Williams over the top rope and Williams rolled his ankle. He tried going to the top back in the ring, but his ankle gave out. Mastiff initially backed off, but then attacked Williams as he went to continue.

Mastiff locked in a modified Cobra Clutch on the mat, but Williams made it back to his feet. Williams got back body dropped from the corner into the middle of the ring, but Mastiff missed a senton when Williams rolled out of the way. Williams tried to hit a springboard stunner. He couldn't get a hold on it and hurt his ankle some more, but still hit a slingblade for a two count.

Williams went for a wheelbarrow-style takedown, but got launched into the corner and squashed with the rolling cannonball senton for the win. Mastiff and Williams shook hands after the match.

- Backstage, Xia Brookside was speaking into the camera to her followers when Nina Samuels interrupted and mocked her. Brookside then challenged Samuels to face her in the ring.

Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster in-ring promo

The NXT UK Tag Team Champions came out to a good reaction, and McGuinness reminded us about their upcoming title defense against Gallus next week.

Andrews addressed the fans, said they won because of each and every one of them, and thanked them for their support. Webster said they wanted to make the brand's tag division the best in the world and would defend their titles anytime, anywhere, against anyone.

Gallus' music interrupted them and Mark Coffey and Wolfgang appeared behind the announce desk. Coffey told them to stop sucking up to everyone before Gallus took their titles next week. He said the only reason Gallus didn't come to the ring was because they wanted to have something left from the champions in their title match. Webster then told them he and Andrews would kick both their asses next week.

- NXT UK backstage reporter Alicia Taylor was with Noam Dar, talking about his match with Trent Seven. He said he was moving on, but Seven interrupted him and a number of referees separated the two. Sid Scala was also in the middle of the melee, and Dar sucker-punched Seven. Scala told them they'd settle their issues in the ring next week.

- A clip of Piper Niven's backstage interview from last week aired. She was interrupted by Jinny and then attacked from behind by Jazzy Gabert. Niven was then seen preparing for her match backstage.

- A video hyped next week's Tag Team title match between Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster and Gallus. Taylor talked to the champions backstage, but they were interrupted by The Grizzled Young Veterans. Zack Gibson & James Drake said that -- no matter who won next week -- they'd take their titles back.

Piper Niven defeated Jazzy Gabert (w/ Jinny)

Gabert stood in the center of the ring with her arms folded, waiting for Niven to walk up. They locked up with neither getting an advantage. They separated, then Niven ran into Gabert and eventually sent her to her knees and through the ropes on her third attempt.

Jinny got involved on the apron, distracting Niven as Gabert attacked her from behind. She worked Niven over with hard punches to the neck and back. Niven came back with a few elbows out of the corner, but Gabert picked up Niven and slammed her to the mat, then went for some ground and pound. She stepped on Niven's spine, then applied a surfboard submission hold. Niven made it back to her feet and powered out of the move, but Gabert kept being in control.

Niven finally hit a few headbutts and a body slam of her own, then hit a diving crossbody splash on a sitting Gabert. Jinny got involved once more, but Niven pulled her into the ring and took her out with a headbutt. As the referee was distracted, Rhea Ripley ran down and hit Gabert with a running boot to the head at ringside, then rolled her back into the ring.

Niven used the opportunity to hit a running senton on Gabert for the pinfall win.

Niven joined Ripley at ringside. She smiled at Ripley, who briefly smiled back. Jinny and Gabert licked their wounds in the ring as Niven walked to the back.

Next week --

Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster defend their NXT UK Tag Team titles against Gallus (Wolfgang & Mark Coffey). Also, Ilja Dragunov will appear.