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NXT UK results: Tag Team title tournament finals set for TakeOver


Episode 23 (taped November 25, 2018 at the Liverpool Olympia in Liverpool, England)

Quick results --

Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams defeated Dan Moloney & Jamie Ahmed, and Isla Dawn defeated Xia Brookside in an even match. Jordan Devlin beat Damien Weir in an impressive squash. Travis Banks then came out -- and Devlin fled to the back instead of facing off.

James Drake & Zack Gibson defeated Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews in a great, fast-paced match and will face Moustache Mountain for the NXT UK Tag Team titles at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool this Saturday.

Full rundown --

The episode started with Nigel McGuinness and Vic Joseph talking about NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, saying that the show would feature three title matches -- and the final participants in the Tag Team title match would be decided in our main event on this show.

Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams defeated Dan Moloney & Jamie Ahmed in 3:59 when Jordan pinned Ahmed after a Swanton Bomb

Jordan and Ahmed started out. Williams quickly tagged in and worked Ahmed's arm over. Things turned around when Moloney distracted Jordan on the top rope and Ahmed took him down.

Moloney did a Three Amigos spot, using butterfly suplexes. Jordan got worked over until he finally made the hot tag. Williams took over and ran wild, hitting a suicide dive, two springboard back elbows, and his spot where he dives feet-first through the ropes and hits one guy, then skinned the cat back into the ring.

Jordan hit a Swanton Bomb on Ahmed for the win.

- A recap video of last week's contract signing between Pete Dunne and Joe Coffey aired, ending in Coffey powerbombing Dunne through a table. A graphic plugged that Gallus would state their mind next.

- Gallus came out and entered the ring. Coffey responded to the fans booing by stating that no one liked them and they didn't care. He talked about Gallus vs. British Strong Style on the next episode, stating that they would get what was coming to them. And at TakeOver, Dunne would be lucky to walk out of the ring alive. Coffey will be the UK champion and the Iron King.

- McGuinness and Joseph talked about that match and the NXT UK Women's Championship match at TakeOver.

- A press conference with Rhea Ripley, Toni Storm, Johnny Saint, and Sid Scala aired next. Storm channeled her inner Session Moth Martina, wearing a leopard coat, while Ripley had her feet up on the table. Ripley wouldn't give away her strategy when asked. Storm talked about all the women she defeated in the Mae Young Classic, but Ripley said she didn't beat her.

As Ripley laughed at her, Storm said she would take the title. Ripley got all aggravated when someone implied that she was just a Toni Storm ripoff. Ripley told Storm she had no chance and started shoving her, but Saint got between them and quickly broke them up. Ripley left and the press conference was over.

- A video with statements and highlights from Joseph Conners and Ligero aired. They will face each other on the next episode of NXT UK.

Isla Dawn defeated Xia Brookside in 5:06 after countering a victory roll into a pin 

They shook hands at the start of the match. Brookside escaped some of Dawn's submission attempts early on and eventually took her down with a headscissors. Dawn escaped and started working over her legs. Dawn locked in a straight jacket hold and they countered in and out of the hold a number of times until Dawn finally managed to back Brookside into the corner.

They transitioned into a number of pinning combinations until Brookside went for a victory roll and Dawn sat down on the move (just like in the Bret Hart/Owen Hart match at WrestleMania X) for the pin. The two shook hands after the match once more.

- McGuinness and Joseph talked some more about TakeOver, this time focusing on the no disqualification match between Dave Mastiff and Eddie Dennis. A highlight video recapping their feud aired. A hipster-looking Dennis talked about being the killer, despite Mastiff thinking he was one.

- Isla Dawn was shown being attacked by Jinny backstage during the break. Jinny told her this was the difference between a witch and a queen

Jordan Devlin defeated Damien Weir in 4:50 after Ireland's Call

Devlin toyed with Weir early on, working over his arm. He hit the uranage/standing moonsault combo, then bent Weir backwards over his knee. When Weir briefly started fighting back, Devlin picked him up for an over-the-shoulder-backbreaker.

Weir briefly managed to turn an Ireland's Call attempt into a victory roll, but he got kicked in the head on a suicide dive attempt. Devlin then hit a cutter, his pull-up snap suplex, and Ireland's Call for the victory.

After the match, Devlin grabbed the mic for a promo, but Travis Banks hit the ring and scared Devlin off. He challenged Devlin for a match right there, but Devlin backed off.

- A video recapped the previous match between Zack Gibson & James Drake vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster, which was won by the heels after interference by Fabian Aichner. This week, Aichner and Marcel Barthel are banned from ringside

- Radzi Chinyanganya talked to Moustache Mountain backstage. They vowed to win the Tag Team titles at TakeOver.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament semifinals: James Drake & Zack Gibson defeated Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews in 9:19 after hitting Ticket to Ride on Webster 

Andrews and Drake started out. The heels quickly attacked both men and started working over Andrews, quickly tagging in and out and almost getting the victory just 45 seconds in. They hit their backbreaker/elbow drop to the outside of the ring spot on Andrews, who was the face in peril for a few more minutes.

Andrews finally made the hot tag to Webster, who quickly hit a quebrada on both opponents and hit a number of high spots, including a somersault plancha to the outside and a Baba O'Riley Buster. Andrews was in and hit a somersault plancha into a hurricanrana to the outside of his own.

Andrews escaped the Shankly Gates but ate a Ticket to Ride for a near fall. He then managed to turn a Doomsday Device attempt into a top rope hurricanrana on Drake, then hit a reverse rana/superkick combo on Gibson. Gibson finally managed to catch Andrews on a dive and turned it into Helter Skelter onto the ramp.

Gibson and Drake hit another double-team Ticket to Ride on Webster for the victory.

Next episode --

British Strong Style meet Gallus in a six-man tag team match leading up to NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool.