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NXT UK results: Tag Team titles on the line, Niven vs. Ripley


Quick Results --

Piper Niven pinned Rhea Ripley in a hard-hitting match, Alexander Wolfe made his NXT UK in-ring debut by making quick work of Jack Starz, Jazzy Gabert quickly defeated Dani Luna & Mercedes Blaze in a handicap match, and Kassius Ohno called out Mark Andrews for being a fraud.

In the main event, Moustache Mountain came close to defeating the Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXT UK Tag Team titles, but Tyler Bate & Trent Seven were attacked by Imperium as they were at the brink of victory. Seven was handcuffed to the turnbuckles as WALTER destroyed Bate with a number of powerbombs onto the apron and into the ring post.

Full Rundown --

- The show opened with a look back at the history between the Grizzled Young Veterans and Moustache Mountain.

- Vic Joseph and Aiden English were talking about tonight's main event when Rhea Ripley's music played and she stormed to the ring. She grabbed the mic and demanded that, instead of settling things between her and Piper Niven later tonight, they settle things now. Niven's music played and she ran to the ring and got right into Ripley's face.

Piper Niven pinned Rhea Ripley after a Michinoku Driver (8:42)

They started out with strikes and Ripley kind of got the better of things with a kick and strikes, but Niven hit a crossbody out of the corner and threw Ripley to ringside. Niven went after her, but got driven back-first into the apron, then got sent face-first into the post as she recovered and tried to slam Ripley on the outside.

Back inside, Niven kicked out of a cover at one. Ripley kept being aggressive, stomping a mudhole into Niven in the corner. She locked on a triangle and worked over Niven's arm and hit a number of shots to the head. Niven eventually came back with a shotgun dropkick into the corner, then went up for a Vader Bomb, but Ripley pulled her off and covered her for a two count.

Niven impressively locked in her inverted cloverleaf and pulled Niven almost completely off the mat, but Niven made the ropes. Ripley trash-talked Niven and slapped her hard across the face, but Niven then held onto the ropes and hit a crashing belly-to-back suplex.

Both women got up, grabbed each other's wrists, and traded stiff clotheslines. Ripley went for Riptide, but she couldn't get Niven up. Niven hit Ripley with a headbutt, then sent her into the corner and followed with a running cannonball senton into Ripley's back. She then hit a Michinoku Driver for the win.

- Kenny Williams was asked about what he was thinking when he walked out during Noam Dar's match last week. As he answered, Dar attacked him and rubbed his face in the mud.

- A graphic announced that Alexander Wolfe vs. Jack Starz would be next. Starz keeps being the guy that gets fed to new NXT UK talent (WALTER, Ilja Dragunov, and now Wolfe).

Alexander Wolfe pinned Jack Starz after a sit-down powerbomb (4:04)

Wolfe walked out wearing just black trunks and a jacket, which was very strange, since I can't remember ever seeing him not wrestle in a singlet, dating back to his time as Axeman/Axel Tischer in wXw.

Wolfe grabbed Starz and cranked his neck, then transitioned into a wristlock that might as well have been a grip of iron. Starz tried to flip and turn out of the move, but Wolfe held on, then quickly hit a release German suplex.

Wolfe turned Starz's back to mush with a number of Irish whips into opposite corners, then hit a huge pump kick and a big body slam. Starz briefly fought back and hit a few European uppercuts, but Wolfe stopped that nonsense with a Death Valley Driver and a sit-down powerbomb for the victory. Wolfe then demanded Starz leave the ring.

- Wolfgang grabbed a cameraman and took him into a container where Gallus were meeting. They talked about their dominance and how they'd take out Dave Mastiff and The Hunt. Wolfgang then threw the cameraman out again.

- A graphic announced a statement by Kassius Ohno for later tonight.

- A video announced that Toni Storm would return to action next week.

Jazzy Gabert (w/ Jinny) defeated Dani Luna & Mercedes Blaze in a handicap match (1:43)

Luna started out for her team and got slammed and clotheslined right away. As she tagged out, Gabert grabbed Blaze and threw her into the ring. Luna came back in, but bounced off Gabert with a crossbody. Gabert then hit a Dominator on Blaze for the quick victory.

Kassius Ohno video package

Ohno said NXT UK was in distress and someone like him needed to save the British style. He talked about the "Founding Five" -- British Strong Style, Wolfgang, and Mark Andrews. Ohno focused on Andrews, saying that he threw a superkick because of Shawn Michaels, forgetting that it was pioneered by a British wrestler, "Gentleman" Chris Adams.

Ohno called Andrews a disgrace and said Kassius Ohno is the best British wrestler in the world.

- The Grizzled Young Veterans were shown preparing for their match.

- A graphic announced Gallus vs. Dave Mastiff & The Hunt for next week.

Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) defeated NXT UK Tag Team Champions The Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) by DQ when Imperium interfered

Gibson and Bate started out and Gibson had Bate in a wristlock, which Bate escaped from. He hit a dropkick to Gibson and tried to hit another one on Drake but came up short when Drake moved. Bate came back, tagged out, and hit a somersault senton from the top on Drake for a near fall by Seven.

Seven and Gibson were in and Seven hit a hard chop. The champs worked over Seven for a while as the crowd chanted "He's got his own face on his ass/Assface" at Drake. They threw Seven to ringside, then hit a combination backbreaker/springboard elbow on him.

Back inside, Gibson locked in a sitting Cobra Clutch, then tagged out again so Drake could lock in a rear chinlock. Seven finally managed to throw Drake in the corner, but Drake was able to tag in Gibson. Seven then evaded Gibson for a hot tag of his own.

Bate hit a running European uppercut in the corner on Gibson, a dropkick on Drake, and caught Gibson on a corner charge and hit a suplex. He followed with a standing Shooting Star Press. He went for the Tyler Driver '97 and when Drake interfered, hit a double hurricanrana on both opponents and then a suicide dive to the outside.

Seven was back in for an assisted powerbomb, but the referee was distracted by Drake. Moustache Mountain went for the dragon suplex/lariat combo, but Gibson escaped and hit a combo neckbreaker/superkick on Bate, then a reverse surfboard/leg drop combo on Seven for a near fall.

Drake wrapped his wrist tape around his knuckles for a few stiff shots at Seven, who made one last desperate comeback attempt with the Seven Star Lariat and got the tag.

Bate ran wild on both heels, then caught Gibson in a cradle for a close two count. As Gibson went for a superplex on Bate, Seven tagged in and caught Gibson in a torture rack position while Bate splashed Drake. Seven then hit a Burning Hammer on Gibson onto Drake.

As Moustache Mountain looked to have the match won, Imperium ran out and attacked them.

Fabian Aichner kneed Seven into the ring steps as WALTER held Bate for Wolfe to kick him in the face. Marcel Barthel and Wolfe then handcuffed Seven in the corner. They taunted him as WALTER powerbombed Bate on the apron twice, then powerbombed him into the ring post on the outside, all while the rest of Imperium forced Seven to look on.

Wolfe taunted Seven with the key to the handcuffs, then threw it into the crowd. The show went off the air with Imperium posing on the apron and their music playing while Seven screamed in agony and Bate laid motionless on the outside.

Next Week --

Gallus faces Dave Mastiff & The Hunt. Toni Storm will also be in action.