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NXT UK results: TakeOver Cardiff build continues


Taped July 20, 2019 at Plymouth Pavilions in Plymouth, England

Quick results --

Imperium defeated The Hunt in a fun opener, proving their superiority, but they got beat down by a mysterious attacker after the bout as they entered their locker room.

Kay Lee Ray quickly disposed of newcomer Shax, then trash-talked Toni Storm, prompting the champ to come out. KLR kept talking down to her until Storm exploded and sent the challenger packing, but Storm was visibly shaken up by the personal nature of the verbal attack.

In the final match of the night, Mark Andrews defeated James Drake, therefore earning a spot for himself and partner Flash Morgan Webster in the Tag Team title match at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff. Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) will defend their titles against Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) and Andrews & Webster in a triple threat match.

A match between Travis Banks and Noam Dar has also been announced for TakeOver.

In this week's main event segment, an announced WALTER and Tyler Bate face-off turned into a wild brawl, with Trent Seven returning and neutralizing Imperium's numbers advantage. In the melee that ensued, Bate hit the Tyler Driver '97 on WALTER, proving that the outcome of the TakeOver main event may not be as clear as many supposed.

Full rundown --

Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) defeated The Hunt (Primate & Wild Boar) when Aichner pinned Wild Boar after a powerbomb/European uppercut combo (7:43)

Aichner and Primate started out and tried tackling each other down. Aichner showed superior ring intelligence and kneed him in the gut off a whip-in. Primate came back by biting Aichner's face and tagged Wild Boar.

Imperium again outsmarted The Hunt as Barthel blind-tagged in and promptly took Boar down. Boar briefly came back, but got the snot beaten out of him in the corner in retaliation. Aichner hit two impressive backbreakers on Wild Boar, deadlifting him for the second one. They hit a spinebuster/running soccer kick combo on Boar for a near fall, then Barthel locked in a chinlock. Boar finally managed to hot-tag in Primate, who ran wild on both members of Imperium for a bit.

Boar was back in and hit a senton on a kneeling Aichner, threw Barthel to ringside, and hit a running senton into the corner before missing a spear. Primate tried getting involved, but ate a spinebuster on the apron and a baseball slide by Aichner. Imperium then finished off Wild Boar with their powerbomb/European uppercut finisher for the victory.

- Sid Scala announced a new match for NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff. Travis Banks will face Noam Dar after the two butted heads repeatedly over the past few weeks.

- A video for said TakeOver special aired. Boston Manor's song "Hate You" was also announced as another theme song for the event.

- Radzi Chinyanganya was waiting outside WALTER's locker room, hoping to catch a word with the champ. Aichner and Barthel were just coming back from their match and berated Radzi a bit in German. They entered WALTER's locker room but were promptly beat up by an unknown assailant. The camera feed briefly went out and we saw just a pair of sneakers walk off.

Kay Lee Ray defeated Shax​​​​​​ after hitting a Gory Bomb (3:31)

Shax started training in 2013 and was taught, among others, by Paige's parents, Sweet Saraya and Ricky Knight. She wrestled for their WAW and Bellatrix promotions as well as Southside and Pro Wrestling Chaos, where she held the Queen of Chaos title up until a few weeks ago.

KLR backed her in the corner right away, but Shax returned the favor a few more seconds in. KLR beat up her smaller opponent, locking in an armbar and slamming her around. As KLR went for a suplex, Shax managed to get a small package -- but KLR easily kicked out.

KLR hit a hard chop that had Shax doubling over. Shax came back with another brief flurry, but she got hit with a superkick coming off the second turnbuckle, then KLR quickly put her away with a Gory Bomb.

After the match, KLR cut a promo, talking about facing Toni Storm at TakeOver. She said she's known Storm for a long time and knows all her weaknesses. She said she'll beat her, prompting Storm to come out.

KLR mocked Storm, calling her "the Rock 'n' Roll star of NXT UK." KLR said she knows why Storm likes to spend so much time around wrestling, as KLR goes home to her fiance, family, and friends, while Storm had no one and just had the championship belt.

KLR said for years she was Storm's best friend and heard all the sob stories, but maybe it wasn't everybody else, maybe it was Storm. As she started talking about Storm's father abandoning her, Storm slapped her hard and KLR walked away.

- A video recapped the rivalry between Dave Mastiff and Joe Coffey, showing both of them preparing for their last man standing match at TakeOver.

- A hype video for Oliver Carter aired, announcing his debut for next week.

 - Jordan Devlin complained about not being on the TakeOver card. He was interrupted by Kenny Williams, who challenged him for a match next week. There was some commotion in the background and WALTER and Alexander Wolfe were arguing in German about what an unorganized place NXT UK was.

WALTER asked Radzi where the structure and order in this place was. He told him to go find Tyler Bate as he was a man of his word and would face off with him later tonight.

Mark Andrews (w/ Flash Morgan Webster) pinned James Drake (w/ Zack Gibson) after hitting Stun Dog Millionaire and rolling him up (11:12)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness said that if Andrews wins here, Andrews & Webster would get added to the NXT UK Tag Team title match between The Grizzled Young Veterans and Gallus at TakeOver.

Drake worked over Andrews' arm early on, but Andrews came back with a number of arm drag takeovers. He followed with a few kicks, a rana, and a standing moonsault. Drake came back by ramming Andrews' head into the corner, then proceeded to decimate his smaller opponent with constant offense, a suplex, and a series of vicious backbreakers.

Andrews rolled through on another attack, then hit Stomp 182, slid under Drake, and hit an enzuigiri that sent Drake to the outside. Andrews followed up with a tope, then hit a snap DDT off a convoluted moonsault attempt. He hit another bulldog and went to the top. Zack Gibson tried sneaking up, and Andrews was distracted long enough for Drake to hit a running dropkick into the corner. He repeatedly tried getting a pin on Andrews, but Andrews proved resilient.

As Drake trash-talked Andrews, he came back with punches and chops. Andrews hit a reverse rana for a close near fall. Gallus suddenly came out and beat down Webster, then got into Gibson's face. Andrews used the distraction to hit Stun Dog Millionaire and rolled up Drake for the victory.

- Joseph and McGuinness talked about the Tag Team title match, then got into the NXT UK title picture. As they talked, Trent Seven suddenly appeared out of the crowd and entered the ring to "Trent Seven Army" chants.

WALTER came running out, followed by Alexander Wolfe. Suddenly, Tyler Bate appeared with a steel chair and beat down Wolfe, then attacked WALTER. The champ came back with chops but was immediately hit by Bate's springboard lariat.

Bate then impressively hit the Tyler Driver '97 on WALTER and posed with the WWE UK Championship belt to massive cheers as his music played and the show went off the air.

Next week --

Oliver Carter makes his televised NXT UK in-ring debut. Jordan Devlin faces Kenny Williams.