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NXT UK Results: Toni Storm vs. Jinny title match, Piper Niven debuts


Image: WWE

Quick results --

Travis Banks beat Kassius Ohno in a hard-fought battle, Piper Niven made her debut by quickly squashing Killer Kelly, and Joseph Conners defeated Jack Starz.

In the main event, Toni Storm retained her NXT UK Women's Championship against Jinny.

Full rundown --

The show opened with a video hyping the Toni Storm vs. Jinny NXT UK Women's Championship match that would headline tonight's episode.

Travis Banks pinned Kassius Ohno in 14:45 after a sit-down pin combination

They started out slow and Banks frustrated Ohno with a headlock. Ohno teased going for a shoulder block, but instead stomped Banks' foot. Banks came back with leg kicks that hurt Ohno and he fled into the ropes.

They went to ringside and Banks escaped a powerbomb attempt onto the apron, then retaliated with a running soccer kick off the apron, hitting Ohno square in the jaw, but missed the double foot stomp to the outside.

Ohno took over with a leg drop and went to the top but missed out on a moonsault, allowing Banks to hit a number of kicks to the chest of a kneeling Ohno. Ohno twisted Banks' ankle, then hit a hard knee to Banks' previously injured shoulder. Ohno repeatedly attacked Banks as he was trying to recover and beat him down time and time again.

Ohno flipped over the ropes and Banks kicked him to ringside, then followed with a dive that took both men down. Banks recovered first, and after some more offense, managed to hit a double foot stomp into the corner back in the ring. Just seconds later, Banks almost had the win with a victory roll.

Banks pulled off the Kiwi Crusher, but it was only enough for another near fall. Ohno went for the ripcord elbow, but Banks turned it into a backslide for another near fall. Banks wouldn't let up and transitioned into a number of pinning combinations, eventually catching Ohno with a sit-down pin for the win.

- A replay of Piper Niven confronting Rhea Ripley from last week aired.

- A recap of WALTER beating Pete Dunne for the WWE UK Championship at NXT TakeOver: New York also aired.

- Radzi Chinyanganya interviewed Jordan Devlin about a rematch between Dunne and WALTER. Devlin said Dunne was a loser and Devlin deserved a title match with WALTER.

Piper Niven pinned Killer Kelly in 3:33 after a Michinoku driver

Niven threw Kelly down with ease immediately, then put out her hand and helped her back up to her feet. Kelly locked on a cravat, but Niven threw her off after a few seconds, then slammed her down and hit a senton and running splash at a sitting Kelly.

Kelly came back with a choke but got thrown off, then got hit with a running cannonball in the corner and finally put away with a Michinoku driver.

Ripley ran down to the ring and was about to slide in, but Niven saw her coming and Ripley stopped in her tracks on her way into the ring. They had another staredown, with Niven on the apron and Ripley walking slowly backwards up the entrance.

- The Moustache Mountain interview from last week re-aired. 

- The Grizzled Young Veterans cut a backstage promo. Zack Gibson said he should be home in Liverpool to support his club, but Johnny Saint forced them to fly to the United States. He offered the Yanks a non-title opportunity.

Joseph Conners pinned Jack Starz in 4:56 after hitting Don't Look Down

Conners worked over Starz's arm, but the young man quickly came back with some impressive offense, hitting a suplex and trying for an armbar. Conners worked his way back to his feet and hit a flying shoulder block off the top rope.

Conners hit a number of elbow drops, then started working over Starz's neck. He hit another elbow, then yelled at the referee to "ask him if he's OK!" He tossed Starz across the ring, then hit a short clothesline. 

Starz briefly fought back and hit a high crossbody off the top rope, but Conners rolled through on the move, picked Starz up, and hit Don't Look Down for the win.

- Toni Storm and Jinny were shown preparing backstage.

- A video on Dave Mastiff aired, with the word "Soon" on the screen.

NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm defeated Jinny in 10:34 to retain her title

The announcers talked about Jinny attacking Storm last week and also how she beat Storm for the PROGRESS Women's title last year.

They went at it right out of the gate with a brief Frye-Takayama spot. They evaded each other's offense, but Storm eventually hit a running dropkick for a two count. The Australian then immediately transitioned into a single-leg Boston crab, then a modified STF, but Jinny eventually got to the ropes.

Jinny hit a dragon screw off a kick attempt and locked on her mat-based modified surfboard. When that didn't make Storm quit, she locked on a Camel Clutch, but Storm reversed it into the same surfboard variant Jinny had tried just moments earlier. Jinny escaped and hit a running hurricanrana, then a flatliner into the corner for a near fall.

Jinny progressively worked over Storm's lower back, which she injured last fall. She wore Storm down with a choke -- and to make matters worse, the referee didn't see when she briefly touched the rope with her foot.

Jinny slapped Storm, but she got caught in a waistlock and was hit by three consecutive German suplexes. Storm followed up with a running hip attack into the corner, but Jinny managed to escape an attempt at Storm Zero.

Jinny hit a powerbomb, but it was too close to the rope and Storm managed to touch the rope with the tip of her boot. Jinny then tried going for Storm Zero, but Storm hit her with a headbutt for a near fall of her own. They traded elbows. Jinny went for another hurricanrana, but Storm caught her and switched the move into a powerbomb, then hit Storm Zero for the win.

Next week --

The Grizzled Young Veterans will be in action, plus more matches from the NXT UK tapings from WrestleMania Axxess.