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NXT UK results: Toni Storm vs. Rhea Ripley Women's title rematch


Taped January 25-27 at Royal Rumble Axxess at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona

Quick rundown --

The Coffey Brothers (competing for the first time as a tag team on NXT UK television) defeated Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster, NXT UK Tag Team Champions The Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) addressed the crowd in Phoenix, and Trent Seven beat NXT regular Shane Thorne.

In the main event, Toni Storm successfully defended her NXT UK Women's Championship against former champion Rhea Ripley.

Full results --

- The show opened with a recap looking back at Toni Storm winning the NXT UK Women's Championship at UK TakeOver: Blackpool and how her rematch with Rhea Ripley was set up.

The Coffey Brothers (Joe & Mark Coffey) defeated Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews in 8:28 after Joe hit Andrews with All the Best for the Bells

Mark Coffey and Webster started off, with Webster getting thrown around quite a bit. Joe tagged in and Webster got to show off some of his athletic ability. Andrews tagged in but quickly got hit with a double-team pop-up European uppercut and was then isolated and thoroughly worked over by the heels.

Joe locked in a full nelson and had Andrews at the brink of defeat. He spun Andrews around while still locked in the hold, then hit an overhead suplex.

Andrews finally managed to flip over on a powerbomb attempt and tagged in Webster, who ran wild on both heels, including hitting a beautiful springboard moonsault on Mark Coffey and swinging around the ring post on the outside into a hurricanrana on Joe. The faces then hit stereo somersault planchas to the outside. Andrews managed to hit the Stunt Dog Millionaire on Joe but got too cocky on a dive and was wiped out by Mark Coffey.

After disposing of Webster, Mark Coffey hit Andrews with a forearm and Joe hit All the Best for the Bells, allowing Mark to pin Andrews for the victory.

- We saw Trent Seven getting ready for his upcoming match.

- A hype video for Nina Samuels aired.

- Jordan Devlin appeared via a cell phone video on the beach in Ireland, talking about the Worlds Collide tournament and saying he isn't finished with Travis Banks.

- A video on Kay Lee Ray aired. She said she had time to scout the other women on the brand and it didn't matter who she faced, all that mattered was that Kay Lee Ray was here.

Trent Seven defeated Shane Thorne in 8:59 after hitting the Seven Star Lariat

Seven quickly backed Thorne into the corner. He started working over Thorne's arm and shoulder, which was taped up. The Australian briefly came back but was wiped out with a body press and a stiff clothesline in the corner. He managed to get to ringside and stretched Seven's shoulder and neck over the ring post.

Nigel McGuinness briefly mentioned that when he was in Japan, "he was with the same company that Thorne was with," meaning Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Seven came back with a DDT at that point and hit a number of suplexes even though his shoulder was banged up. He locked in a figure four, but Thorne turned it around and Seven made the ropes. Neither man would release the hold, and they rolled under the bottom rope and out of the ring.

Thorne was able to suplex Seven onto the apron and went to the top, but Seven stopped him and hit a big superplex for a near fall. They traded punches, slaps, and uppercuts until Thorne hit a Rainmaker-style knee and a backdrop driver for a near fall of his own. Seven then hit the Seven Star Lariat for the win.

- Jack Gallagher was interviewed backstage and discussed sitting down with Johnny Saint for a cup of tea and talking about things, as they both trained under Billy Robinson.

- Joseph Conners was interviewed in the UK Performance Center and said that Ligero caught him on an off day when he beat him. Conners said that he always was and always will be better than Ligero.

NXT UK Tag Team Champions The Grizzled Young Veterans addressed the crowd

Zack Gibson introduced the team and talked about how they are the first NXT UK Tag Team Champions. They traveled the world for 13 years to show people what they knew all along -- that they are the best tag team anywhere around the world.

Gibson said he'd rather be home in Liverpool on his couch with some biscuits but instead had to fly to Phoenix to educate a bunch of Yanks on why they were the best. Johnny Saint told them to travel to the United Sates to find the best competition. He said competition should travel to Liverpool to seek them out.

Gibson told Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch to find them when they were ready and that soon their titles would be the most important in WWE.

Burch and Lorcan came out -- and Burch told Gibson to shut up. Burch said he was a proud Brit, but he's also proud to represent NXT and have Lorcan as his partner. He said they were supposed to wrestle next week -- but why wait. Lorcan and Burch went to the ring, but the Veterans bailed on them and went to the back.

- A graphic announced Jack Gallagher vs. Tyler Bate for next week.

- They hyped the NXT UK tapings this Friday and Saturday in Coventry.

- Next week, WALTER faces Kassius Ohno. The Grizzled Young Veterans also defend their titles against Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch.

- Storm and Ripley were shown preparing backstage.

NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm retained her title against Rhea Ripley in 11:00 after hitting Storm Zero

Ripley attacked Storm before the bell as she was still posing with her title. Ripley beat her down, and the referee separated them and started the match as Storm staggered to her feet.

Ripley continued beating Storm down with vicious attacks until Storm came back with a low-level dropkick out of the corner and started pummeling Ripley. Ripley managed to slide out of the ring and pulled Storm outside by the feet, with Storm smashing her face into the mat on the fall.

Ripley mounted Storm and threw down some ground and pound, then locked in a bodyscissors which she turned into various pinning attempts. Storm finally escaped, but Ripley wiped her out again with a dropkick and then repeatedly threw her to the mat.

Ripley locked in the inverted cloverleaf -- and it took Storm some time to escape the hold. Storm then hit a suicide dive to the outside, followed by a German suplex back inside. She followed that up with a running hip attack and a German suplex hold for a two count.

Storm went for Storm Zero, but Ripley escaped and hit a number of clotheslines. Storm eventually hit a backstabber, but both women were down and neither could mount any meaningful offense.

Ripley hit a stiff kick, but Storm came back with a headbutt to the jaw for another near fall. Storm went up to the top but got knocked dizzy from a running enzuigiri and then had to suffer through a superplex by Ripley and a cover which she only barely kicked out of.

Storm then managed to evade a spear into the corner and floated over to hit Storm Zero for the win.

Next week --

WALTER vs. Kassius Ohno, Jack Gallagher vs. Tyler Bate, and the Grizzled Young Veterans defend their NXT UK Tag Team titles against Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch.