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NXT UK results: Trent Seven vs. Joe Coffey, Kay Lee Ray debuts


Quick results --

Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams narrowly defeated Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel, with Williams rolling up Aichner. This seems to set up Jordan & Williams as the next challengers for the NXT UK Tag Team titles, even though the Grizzled Young Veterans disputed that claim in an in-ring segment later in the show.

Kay Lee Ray made her in-ring debut on NXT UK, beating Isla Dawn. Jinny attacked Toni Storm and left her laying before their match next week.

In the main event, Joe Coffey bested Trent Seven and submitted him after working over his back for much of the match.

Full rundown --

The episode opened with a graphic advertising Pete Dunne defending the WWE UK Championship against WALTER this Friday at NXT TakeOver: New York.

Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams beat Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel in 7:58 when Williams rolled up Aichner for the win

Barthel and Jordan started it off, with Barthel teasing his "NEIN!" spot but instead opting to school Jordan on the mat and work over his arm. Jordan hit two dropkicks and decided to do his dance, drawing the ire of Barthel and eating a double strike to the throat for his disrespect of the mat.

Both men tagged out and Williams sent Aichner to the outside with a hurricanrana. Williams wanted to follow, but Barthel told him "NEIN!" and Aichner hit both faces with a double clothesline from behind.

Barthel hung Jordan head-down over the ropes and Barthel and Aichner hit a double dropkick at him, with Barthel in the ring and Aichner running over on the outside and hitting one on the apron. After a hot tag, Williams hit a springboard back elbow on Barthel and a flying kick on Aichner.

Barthel went for the Landungsbrücken suplex, but Williams hit a bulldog to counter out of it. Williams then hit a kick through the ropes on AIchner -- but as he skinned the cat back inside, Barthel hit him with a kick and sent him outside. Jordan went to hit a crossbody on Aichner on the outside, but Aichner caught him and hit a backbreaker.

The finish came as Aichner had Williams up for a vertical suplex, but Williams kneed him in the head and managed a flash pin with a quick roll-up.

- Radzi Chinyanganya interviewed Rhea Ripley as she entered the building and quizzed her on Piper Niven. Ripley said she'll destroy her. Niven makes her NXT UK in-ring debut next week.

- Radzi talked to Johnny Saint and Sid Scala, but they were interrupted by Jordan Devlin. Devlin asked how WALTER could walk in and just be gifted a title match while he had to sit on the sidelines. Scala gave him a non-answer and Devlin said he'll be watching TakeOver very closely.

Kay Lee Ray pinned Isla Dawn after a Gory Bomb

Kay Lee Ray started out by working over Dawn's arm, but Dawn managed to counter out of the hold. They traded near falls early on -- until KLR hit a kick, locked on a hammerlock, and drove Dawn into the corner. She transitioned a modified Fujiwara armbar into an armbar, but Dawn managed to escape once more.

KLR was in control after some creative offense and a dive to the outside. Dawn came back with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall but ate a chop and superkick for her troubles. KLR then hit the Gory Bomb for the victory.

- Radzi interviewed Toni Storm backstage, but she quickly was attacked by Jinny, who viciously beat her down. Storm was down and the referees called for help.

- Travis Banks talked about looking up to Kassius Ohno years ago. He challenged him for a match down the line.

Grizzled Young Veterans in-ring segment

The NXT UK Tag Team Champions came out wearing nice suits and ties. The fans had their shoes off -- because they hate Gibson. Gibson introduced the team and said they were not dressed to compete because Gibson was not medically cleared to wrestle, blaming Oney Lorcan for busting up his eardrum.

Gibson said fans, wrestlers, and even Vic Joseph talked about how they have a chip on their shoulder. He said they had been overlooked while others were given opportunities. He said Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams got one lucky victory and there are already rumors they may be champions. He asked on what grounds that would be the case and said they hadn't been in the business for five minutes.

Gibson said he and Drake would soon be recognized as the most important champions anywhere.

- A graphic confirmed Travis Banks would face Kassius Ohno next week.

Joe Coffey submitted Trent Seven in 14:13 with a Boston crab

They traded body shots early and took each other down with tackles. Seven hit a DDT after Coffey tried to duck a chop. They ended up outside, where Coffey drove Seven into the barriers. He slammed Seven on top of them, then bent Seven's back around the ring post.

Coffey applied a shoulder lock and worked over Seven's back on top of that, then applied a bear hug to further weaken his opponent.

Seven eventually made his comeback with a dragon suplex and a slam, then hit a plancha to the outside. He tried a spinning somersault plancha from the top, but Coffey evaded him and Seven landed on his already injured back. Coffey hit a lariat, a German suplex, a pounce into the corner, and a powerbomb for a close near fall. Coffey tried to pick up Seven for another powerbomb, but Seven took him down and applied the figure four leg lock.

Coffey finally made the ropes as Seven kept punching his knee. Both men battled on the apron and Seven finally managed to back body drop Coffey, prompting the Scot to crash hard to the mats at ringside.

Seven ended up on the outside as well and barely beat the 10 count to make it back in. Coffey hit an uppercut but missed a crossbody off the top. Seven used this opportunity to hit the Seven Star Lariat, but Coffey managed to kick out. Seven went for the Torture Rack. His back gave out and Coffey hit a powerbomb, but Seven kicked out once more.

Coffey then locked in a single-leg Boston crab. Seven struggled to make the ropes, but Coffey transitioned into a full Boston crab and Seven had no option but to eventually tap.

- The show closed out with a great video for the WWE UK title match between Pete Dunne and WALTER this Friday at TakeOver: New York

Next week --

Toni Storm faces Jinny, Piper Niven debuts, and Kassius Ohno takes on Travis Banks.