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NXT UK results: Trent Seven vs. Noam Dar

Trent Seven vs. Noam Dar

Taped at The Brentwood Centre in Brentwood, England on October 4, 2019

Quick results:

Imperium had words with Gallus, who mocked the most dominant stable in NXT UK and claimed the brand was their kingdom.

The Grizzled Young Veterans beat Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter in a good match, then also had word with Gallus backstage.

Xia Brookside said she wanted a piece of Kay Lee Ray.

Travis Banks and Ligero went to a draw off a double pin in another entertaining match.

In the main event, Trent Seven and Noam Dar had their long-awaited rematch, with Trent Seven being victorious in a great and action packed bout.

NXT UK will take place at 4 PM GMT/11 AM ET next week, due to Crown Jewel taking place during its usual time slot. It might be 5 PM GMT or 12 PM ET though, as Europe switches from summer time to regular time this Saturday night and for a few weeks, the time difference between the UK and the US will be four instead of five hours.

Full rundown:

Imperium in-ring segment

The show opened with Imperium coming out in full force. Barthel said: "Imperium continues to proof that we are the most dominant force on this brand. Speaking of dominance, the most impressive and most dominant champion of NXT UK history wished to address his kingdom." WALTER then took over and continued: "There is no man and there is no group that can continue with the might of Imperium. We are here to show you that this mat is sacred to us..."

At that point Gallus came out and laughed at Imperium, mocking WALTER calling NXT UK his kingdom and made fun of Imperium's motto of "the mat is sacred." Joe Coffey said they wanted to come out and congratulate Imperium on getting rid of British Strong Style. Mark Coffey said "Since day one, since Jolly Wolly set foot in NXT UK we said that Gallus was coming for gold. NXT UK is our kingdom. You're either Gallus, or you against us" The crowd chanted Jolly Wolly and the two groups glared at each other.

Xia Brookside shot a selfie vide at the NXT UK Performance Center and talked about beating Nina Samuels last week. She talked about Kay Lee Ray costing her a title shot when she eliminated her from the contendership battle royal back in June. She said she wanted to get her revenge.

Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) beat Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter after hitting Ticket to Ride on Smith (7:54)

Smith early on showed his power, picking Drake up from the mat and hitting a dropkick, before he pulled him up for a ripcord slam into a suplex. After a tag, Carter took over with a ushigoroshi off an electric chair setup. Drake finally managed to tag Gibson, but got hit with with an overhead belly-to-belly by Carter after he back flipped off Gibson in the corner.

Drake finally took over with punches and threw Carter to ringside where Gibson picked him up and Drake launched himself over the top rope with an elbow. The Veterans took turns working over Carter, who finally hit a quebrada and tagged in Smith, who ran wild. Gibson pulled Drake out of the ring, but Smith hit a somersault plancha on both of them.

He hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near-fall, but got overwhelmed off a blind tag. Drake took out Carter in the corner, by launching himself off Smith's back and hitting a flying kick. The Grizzled Young Veterans then hit Ticket to Mayhem on Smith for the pin fall victory.

The Veterans proceeded to beat their opponents down after the match, but Mark Andrews an Flash Morgan Webster made the save and scared them away.

Tyler Bate was interviewed about his future backstage. He mentioned new faces like Ilja Dragunov and Oliver Carter, but said he was especially interested in A-Kid and seeing where he would go.

We saw that during the break, the Grizzled Young Veterans made their way backstage and were confronted by Gallus. Gibson told them not to get used to their belts and worry less about Imperium and more about them. Gallus shrugged them off.

El Ligero and Travis Banks wrestled to a draw after a double pin (7:49)

Ligero had the advantage early on, getting Banks down with a pinning combination of a test of strength. banks took over with a wrist lock and an arm bar, wearing Ligero down. Ligero caught Banks in mid-air for another cover, but couldn't kep him down. Banks came back with a small package off a suplex attempt, as both men traded pinning combinations.

Banks hit a flying knee and a barrage of chops but Ligero powered up and both exchanged chops, elbows and hard shots. Ligero finally hit a kick to to Banks that sent the Kiwi Buzzsaw tumbling to the mat. Ligero missed a senton, allowing Banks to go for a Slice of Heaven, but Ligero rolled him up, then went for another elaborate pinning combination and followed with a back slide.

They battled for another backslide and both rolled over, prompting the referee to count both men's shoulders to the mat for the double pin.They shook hands after the referee declared the bout a draw.

A video recap aired of the brewing dispute between Jordan Devlin and Dave Mastiff, a graphic then plugged them facing off next week.

Another graphic plugged the debut of A-Kid for next week, which was a blatant lie as he already debuted on April 20 with long-time partner Carlos Romo, losing a squash match to Gallus.

Trent Seven beat Noam Dar pinned Burning Hammer (13:10)

Dar hit a baseball slide on Seven's head as he rolled into the ring, then threw him into the ring steps and tied his hand to the ring post using Seven's trademark towel before hitting a basement dropkick to Seven's head. The referee checked on Trent as he was writhing in pain. The referee asked is he wanted to start the match to which Seven agreed.

As the bell rang, Seven hit a hard lariat on Dar right away for a near fall, then ran wild, making sure to protect his injured arm. He went for the Burning hammer, but Dar raked his eyes and charged Seven in the corner, but got caught with a one-armed slam. Seven went to the top rope, but Dar came flying in and took out his legs, sending Seven crashing down hard. Dar followed with fisherman's buster, then snapmared the senior member of Moustache Mountain into the ropes.

Dar locked in a modified STF and worked over Seven's fingers, mocking Pete Dunne in the process. He crotched Seven on the top rope, sending the older man tumbling to ringside. Dar kept mocking British Strong Style, this time grabbing an imaginary moustache and trying to hit a Tyler Driver '97, but Seven escaped the move.

Seven hit a snap dragon suplex and followed with a suicide dive on Dar on the outside. Seven went to the top rope, but favored his knee. he hit a corkscrew senton, but Dar rolled out of the way. Dar avoided the Seven Star Lariat and hit a Flatliner for a two count. They ended up on the apron with Dar hitting a number of kicks before getting his leg caught.

Seven feigned an attack, then hit a DDT on the apron for a near fall of his own. Both men tried for Seven Star Lariats but neither could hit the move, until Seven evaded on, hit a snap German suplex and finally hit the move, but Dar kicked out of the cover on two.Seven missed a kick into the ropes, after which Dar took out his legs and hit a double foot stomp on Seven's injured knee.

Dar locked in a knee bar and kicked at Seven, who was on the verge of submission and narrowly reached the ropes. Dar got Trent's towel and put it around his shoulders, mocking Seven some more. Seven rolled him up with a schoolboy, but could only achieve a two-count.

Dar then took another page out of Pete Dunne's book with a kick to the back of the neck for a near fall of his own. Seven then hit a square punch to the jaw, snapped Dar's fingers and finally hit the Burning Hammer (and grabbing back his towel mid-move) for the victory.

Next week:

Jordan Devlin will face Dave Mastiff and A-Kid makes his proper, singles match debut. The show will air at 4 PM GMT/11 AM ET next week. Or an hour later, since WWE obviously can't figure out the summer/regular time switchover in Europe this weekend.