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NXT UK results: WALTER vs. Trent Seven


Taped June 16, 2019 at Download Festival in Leicestershire, England

Quick results --

Noam Dar pinned Kenny Williams after employing some cheap tactics. Kay Lee Ray, Jinny & Jazzy Gabert teamed together and defeated Xia Brookside, Piper Niven & Toni Storm, with Jinny pinning Brookside after Gabert again helped her out.

In a brutal main event war, WALTER defeated Trent Seven by referee stoppage after destroying Seven with powerbomb after powerbomb.

Full rundown --

- Trent Seven was asked about his thoughts on his match with WALTER later tonight. He said he would take WALTER's head off. Seven reiterated that he was "here."

Noam Dar defeated Kenny Williams after a low blow and the Nova Roller (10:10)

They did some back-and-forth action early on, with Dar getting the slight advantage. Dar and Williams each mocked the other when one outsmarted the other.

Things heated up with Williams diving leg-first through the ropes, then sliding to the outside for another attack on Dar. Dar countered with a stiff clothesline off the apron to get back on top. Williams got back in control with a springboard single-leg foot stomp and a jumping back elbow off the top.

Dar rolled up Williams for a near fall, evaded a springboard body press, and hit a fisherman's buster for another close fall.

Dar locked in a kneebar, then transitioned into an ankle lock, but Williams kicked him off. Dar hit a combination on Williams, but Williams hit a rebound lariat and both men were down for the count. Dar turned another skinning-the-cat type of move into a kneebar, forcing Williams to slowly inch his way toward the ropes and finally force a break to the hold.

Williams' shoe came off, but he rolled Dar up anyway for a near fall. Dar went to use the shoe as a weapon, argued with the referee, and finally threw the shoe out of the ring, distracting the ref and allowing Dar to hit a low blow, followed by the Nova Roller for the win.

- Radzi Chinyanganya was trying to catch up with the Grizzled Young Veterans. Zack Gibson said they beat Moustache Mountain twice and are the NXT UK locker room leaders. He told Radzi not to ask rhetorical questions and ordered him to find them proper opponents -- since Johnny Saint obviously was having a hard time.

- We took a look back at the battle royal to determine the number one contender for the NXT UK Women's Championship, with Kay Lee Ray winning and last week announcing that she'd face Toni Storm at UK TakeOver: Cardiff on August 31. KLR said she would make Storm's life a living hell until then.

Jazzy Gabert, Jinny & Kay Lee Ray defeated Piper Niven, NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm & Xia Brookside when Jinny pinned Brookside after an X-Factor (7:38)

KLR and Brookside started out, but Storm quickly blind-tagged herself in, causing KLR to also quickly tag Jinny. Jinny slapped Storm hard, then hit a few punches, but quickly ate a boot for her troubles.

Both women tagged out to Gabert and Niven respectively. Gabert hit a hard forearm, then shoulder blocked Niven to the mat. Brookside and Jinny were in next, with Niven wheelbarrow suplexing Brookside on top of Jinny. After falling victim to a hurricanrana off the second turnbuckle, Jinny tagged in KLR. The heel trio then proceeded to work over Brookside for a few minutes.

Brookside finally managed the hot tag, allowing Storm to run wild on Jinny, hitting a number of German suplexes and a clothesline on her for a two count. KLR tried a sneak attack, but got taken out by Niven. Storm then hit a dive through the ropes on Jinny and Gabert, followed by a cannonball off the apron by Niven and a top rope crossbody by Brookside.

Back in the ring, Storm hit a shining wizard on Jinny, but was attacked by Gabert as she went for Storm Zero. Niven then took out Gabert. Storm tagged Brookside, who tried another attack off the turnbuckle, but Gabert grabbed her leg, allowing Jinny to hit the X-Factor off the turnbuckle for the win.

- A graphic announced that Dave Mastiff would speak out next week, answering Joe Coffey's challenge.

Non-title match: WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER defeated Trent Seven by referee stoppage after WALTER kept powerbombing Seven (14:30)

Seven immediately dove onto WALTER as he was still standing in the aisle and proceeded to ram him into the barricades. Back in the ring, the ref finally rang the bell and WALTER came back with some strikes, but Seven threw him to the outside again and hit another dive.

WALTER took over and went to powerbomb Seven onto the apron, just as he had done to Tyler Bate a few weeks ago, but Seven managed an escape via back body drop. Seven went for a Rainmaker-style elbow, but WALTER ducked, locked in a sleeper, and hit a German suplex on Seven.

WALTER hit a few brutal shots and kicks, wearing Seven down, but he would not go down without a fight and hit a chop out of defiance. A body slam later, Seven was back among the ring dust though.

A barrage of chops by Seven later, WALTER's boot once more connected with Seven's face, and WALTER's fists proceeded to cave Seven's chest in. WALTER locked in a single-leg Boston crab, then transitioned into a reverse chinlock until Seven finally made the ropes.

WALTER missed a kick into the corner, allowing Seven to hit a snap dragon suplex, a number of lariat-type strikes, and finally a super-stiff lariat that sent WALTER to the mat.

WALTER was visually dazed, allowing Seven to hit a number of rapid-fire chops until the ref separated the two off a five count. WALTER then hit a single stiff chop that sent Seven crashing to the mat.

Seven tried fighting back, but WALTER hit a big knee that sent Seven crumbling to the mat again. Seven hit a desperation back fist that sent WALTER stumbling to ringside. Seven wanted to follow up with an aerial attack, but he took too long to reach the top rope, allowing WALTER to send him crashing back into the ring.

WALTER went on top himself, but Seven followed and they fought up top. WALTER went for a top rope powerbomb, but Seven escaped and hit a huge superplex for a two count.

They ended up on the outside once more and Seven tried to hit the Burning Hammer but collapsed. WALTER then powerbombed him on the apron and rolled him back inside. The big Austrian then hit a second powerbomb in the ring, but refused to go for the pin. Instead, he hit a third powerbomb as Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner, and Alexander Wolfe walked out and posed in front of the ring.

WALTER hit a fourth powerbomb, then pulled Seven up and hit yet another powerbomb as the referee looked on concerned. WALTER hit one last powerbomb, finally prompting the referee to stop the match.

The show faded to black with WALTER posing in the ring with the WWE UK Championship and the rest of Imperium posing in front of the apron.

Next week --

Dave Mastiff answers Joe Coffey's challenge. A number of matches taped last weekend in Plymouth will also air.