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NXT UK results: WALTER vs. Tyler Bate set for TakeOver Cardiff


Taped July 19 at Plymouth Pavilions in Plymouth, England

Quick results --

Imperium interrupted Sid Scala and Johnny Saint in the opening segment. WALTER was attacked by Tyler Bate, who got the better of the scuffle. WALTER defending his WWE United Kingdom Championship against Bate was then announced as the main event for NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff.

Gallus defeated Lewis Howley & Sam Stoker in a quick squash match, then called out NXT UK Tag Team Champions the Grizzled Young Veterans. Rhea Ripley disposed of Dani Luna in another quick squash.

We heard from Eddie Dennis, freshly coming off surgery to repair his torn pec. He blamed the fans for what went wrong for him.

In the main event, Alexander Wolfe defeated Jordan Devlin in a good match.

Full rundown --

- Sid Scala and NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint opened the show mid-ring. They started talking about NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff when Imperium walked out. Marcel Barthel said Scala and Saint were not in charge anymore and were not needed any longer. Barthel told Scala and Saint to "step off that mat that is so sacred to us, or we will make you."

Alexander Wolfe then took the mic away from Scala and handed it to WALTER. WALTER said he destroyed everyone and wanted to know who was going to face the Ring General in Cardiff. Tyler Bate's music hit and Barthel and Aichner positioned themselves in the aisle to stop Bate from coming out, but Bate entered through the crowd and attacked WALTER.

Bate then took out Wolfe, Barthel, and Fabian Aichner as they were looking to enter the ring. Bate got the better of WALTER during the brawl and Saint called for backup, with a lot of officials and wrestlers coming out to break the two up and prevent the rest of Imperium from entering the ring.

Scala announced that Bate would challenge for WALTER's WWE UK Championship at UK TakeOver: Cardiff.

- A video announced "Brick by Brick" by Junior, the band of NXT UK's Mark Andrews, as the official theme song of UK TakeOver: Cardiff

Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) defeated Lewis Howley & Sam Stoker when Coffey pinned Howley off a combined enzuigiri/powerslam (3:13)

Wolfgang and Howley started and Wolfgang made quick work of his opponent, prompting him to tag in Stoker, who didn't fare much better. Coffey then proceeded to pound Stoker into the mat and applied a modified chinlock. Gallus sent Stoker flying with a double monkey flip.

Stoker finally made the hot tag, but Coffey immediately destroyed him with a full-nelson slam. Gallus then finished him off with a combined enzuigiri/powerslam.

After the match, Gallus called out the Grizzled Young Veterans, mocking Zack Gibson's catchphrase and stating that the NXT UK Tag Team titles would "soon be Gallus."

- Jordan Devlin confronted Sid Scala and asked what he would have to do to get another shot at WALTER. Scala told him he could prove himself tonight by taking on Imperium's Alexander Wolfe.

- Dave Mastiff spoke to reporters backstage and said Johnny Saint told him he could sort things out with Joe Coffey next week. Mastiff said he'll batter Coffey. We were told this would be our main event next week.

Rhea Ripley defeated Dani Luna with Riptide (2:00)

Ripley right away took Luna's head off with a huge kick, then proceeded to smash into her in the corner. Luna came back with a flurry of offense but quickly got thrown off halfway across the ring and ate some ground and pound as retribution.

Ripley hit a dropkick, a few more strikes, and finally Riptide for the quick win.

Kay Lee Ray/Toni Storm video package

A video package looked at the history between Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray. KLR said they met at a show years ago and hit it off right away. Storm talked about KLR being like a sister to her and how happy she was when she learned that Kay Lee was coming to NXT UK.

Storm said something felt off about KLR and she was not the same person Storm had known. Storm noted that she didn't like to admit it, but KLR knows her better than anyone else. KLR said that at TakeOver: Cardiff, she will take the NXT UK Women's Championship from Storm.

- A clip taped on April 29 aired, with Eddie Dennis entering the hospital for surgery to repair his torn pec. After successful surgery, Dennis blamed each and every judgmental fan who never stepped into the ring and bullies wrestlers even though they did nothing wrong. 

- Graphics advertised Jazzy Gabert & Jinny vs. Piper Niven & Xia Brookside and Dave Mastiff vs. Joe Coffey for next week.

Alexander Wolfe defeated Jordan Devlin with a sit-down powerbomb (11:31)

They locked up, with the bigger Wolfe getting the better of it. He worked over Devlin's arm, but Devlin escaped and slapped Wolfe hard across the face. Devlin played some mind games, leaving and re-entering the ring a few times.

Devlin took back over with a back elbow to the face and running double knees on a downed Wolfe. Devlin tried to go for his uranage, but Wolfe blocked it and gave him a crazy stare, then took down Devlin with some offense of his own, working over Devlin's ribs.

Wolfe applied an abdominal stretch, then ground his fists into Devlin's side, but Devlin managed to throw him off with a hip toss. Wolfe caught Devlin off a springboard attempt, then dead-lifted him into a suplex and threw him across the top rope.

Wolfe mocked Devlin's injured ribs, but Devlin managed to hit a roll through and then a double foot stomp. Devlin hit his uranage/standing moonsault combo and finally hit a jumping cutter for a near fall.

They traded slaps while still on their knees, then traded elbows and uppercuts. Devlin escaped a powerbomb attempt and hit a headbutt to Wolfe's shoulder, then tried for his Devlinside suplex, but couldn't get Wolfe up due to his injured ribs.

Devlin then stomped at Wolfe's head and it looked like Wolfe momentarily was out of it. Wolfe went for a clothesline, but Devlin turned it into a Spanish Fly for another close near fall.

The crowd actually was behind Devlin as Wolfe tried to go for his Death Valley Driver, but Devlin escaped -- only to be hit with a bridging German suplex for a close two count. Devlin hit a sunset flip off another powerbomb attempt by Wolfe, then went for a moonsault and missed. Wolfe capitalized on Devlin's mistake and hit a big sit-down powerbomb for the win.

- Backstage, the camera caught Bate coming out of the dressing room. Bate said that WALTER will see that it's not so easy to put him down. Bate said he'll embarrass WALTER at UK TakeOver: Cardiff, make him look like a novice, and take the UK Championship that WALTER holds so dearly.

Next week --

Piper Niven teams with Xia Brookside to take on Jinny & Jazzy Gabert. In the main event, Joe Coffey will meet Dave Mastiff.